Top 10 Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses in 2016-2017 Reviews

There is a high passion for motorbikes nowadays. Just buying a bike of your choice is not enough for a smooth and perfect journey; you need accessories such as gloves, helmet, jacket, and glasses. The glasses are necessary as it protects your eyes from the dust, rain, and the sun. There are varieties of lenses available with different styles and comfort level. The list shows some of the top used glasses.

1. Kickback Foam Padded Motorcycle Glasses

Approx price: $10

Kickback Foam Padded Motorcycle Glasses Review

Made of polycarbonate lenses and shatterproof facilities, it is one of the most wanted glasses from Global Vision. The lenses are scratch resistant, rubber ear pads, UV filters and EVA foams. The lenses are available in smoke, clear and yellow tinted lenses.

2. Cougar Safety Glasses

Approx price: $7.03

Cougar Safety Glasses Reviews

The glasses are from Global Vision made of nylon frame. It is available at low price. It has four color lenses available. It has anti-glare which makes it perfect for night riding. It has a smoke lens which makes it useful for a daytime drive.

3. Duco Driver Glasses with 8177S frame

Approx Price: $25

duco-driver-glasses-with-8177s-frame review

It is made of TAC polarized lens which weighs around 28g. It reduces glare and protects your eyes from dust particles. It is most comfortable glasses for wearing. The frame is of Aluminium and Magnesium alloys.

4. Global Vision Outfitter Motorcycle Glasses

Approx price: $10.10

Global Vision Outfitter Motorcycle Glasses review

It is ANSI certified glass with shatterproof lenses made of polycarbonate. It has UV filters, scratch resistance, nylon frames, anti-fog coating and it can be worn over prescription glasses. Clean, yellow tint and smoke lenses are available.

5. Choppers 011 Frame Riding Padded Glasses

Approx Price: $19.47

 Choppers 011 Frame Riding Padded Glasses

It is a night glass which comes in style and is comfortable to use. The glass comes with plastic frame and lens. It is non-polarized. The padding allows the users to wear it with more comfort. It is available in different colors.

6. HD Soxick – Night Driving Glasses

It is one of the best quality lenses which protect your eyes from UV rays, glare, reflections, and eye fatigues. It is made of alloy material, it is light weighted and is comfortable to wear. The polarized lens makes it a perfect night glass to wear for your long drives.

7. Pacific Coast Airfoil Riding Glasses

It comes with wind blocking facilities. The lens can change according to light, dark in daylight and light/clear indoors or at night. It is light weighted with polycarbonate and has fog resistance as an added feature. This UV protected glasses can be worn over any power glasses.

8. Red Baron Motorcycle Glasses

Another widely used motorcycle glasses made of polycarbonate lenses. The lenses are shatterproof and have UV filters. This scratch resistant glass has soft padding and wind blocking features. The straps are adjustable and damaged glass is easily replaceable. It is the best choice for long drives.

9.Bikershades Blue Blocking HD Vision

It is a bifocal glass with blue blocker lenses. The glasses look dark at top and light at bottom. It is UV protecting glass made of polycarbonate lens. The nose and ear piece are made of rubber. It protects the biker from the wind and other particles. The anti-glare feature helps the driver to ride in bright light.

10. Global Vision Hercules Sunglasses

The glasses are made of polycarbonate material which is shatterproof. It has UV protection and scratch resistant features. The ear pads are made comfortable with rubber. It is ANSI certified glass with nylon frame and is light weighted. There are many Hercules varieties available in Global Vision.

The glasses selected will be different for different people for different rides. Things to be taken care while choosing these glasses are the quality of the glass, the lens with UV protection or not, scratch resistant, etc. For long and short distance the type of lenses differs, so buy according to t your travel needs.