Top 10 Best National Flags in the World

When you think about pride and honor, there are so many things coming in your thoughts from your personal to the professional world. But, the moment one says you to connect the word pride with your country, the very first thing comes is the high raising flag of your country. Every country has its own flag representing the nation on the world map. Here, is the list of top ten flags which are regarded as most beautiful.

1. Turkey


The flag of this country represents the whole history of the martyrs of the nation who shed their blood in the wars. This is well depicted by the blood red color. The stars and moon tell the story of freedom. The simplest yet significant look makes it to the top the list. It is one of the top 10 best national flags in the world.

2. Australia


The Australian flag is completely designed in way of conveying the country’s story and journey. In the blue background, union jack in the upper left corner tells the relation of Australia with the UK. The five stars on the right side are about Australia’s geography. The white commonwealth star says about the unity of six states and the commonwealth regions.

3. Mexico


An artistic pattern on the flag makes it so beautiful. The erect posture having tricolor that is green, white and red makes it look attractive. In the middle, there is a national coat of arms. The coat of arms has an eagle holding serpent in its beak.

4. United Kingdom


The flag is the best representation of unity. It is a mixture of three country’s flag, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The red, white and blue color combination is taken from the flags of these three countries and blended beautifully to form this elegant looking flag. The UK has world’s best national flag.

5. Canada


The simple combination of red and white gives a simple yet appealing look. The red color is selected to reflect the power, courage, valor and force. On the other hand, white color is for sincerity and tranquility.

6. Pakistan


It has been designed on the basis of inspiration taken from the original flag of the muslim league. It has a green background, which is meant to be the color of Islam as it is the favorite color of Prophet Muhammad. The pattern is with simple white color five rated star and crescent moon. Moon in crescent form describes progress and star for knowledge and enlightenment.

7. Brazil


A flag designed to portray the country interest and status. The green color of the flag is for green fields of Brazil and yellow are for Brazil wealth. The shining blue color is for the sky of Rio de Janeiro on the 15th Nov 1889 night, stars present are for Brazilian states. The most attractive are the white strip, which is of progress and order.

8. The United States of America


The country has a flag designed supporting patriotism and opposing secessionism. It has thirteen white and blue parallel strips, which are for those colonies, which announced their freedom from the Great Britain. The stars in the blue background are for states of USA. It has one of the famous flags of the world.

9. Greece


The flag is a perfect picture of this country’s great history. It has 9 lines depicting death or freedom and also 9 muses of Greek mythology. The blue color is for sea and sky, white for purity and cross for religion.

10. Spain


As the nation is known as the leader of Europe, so its flag portrays the same meaning. The flag is colored in red and yellow. Borders are in red and a larger middle zone in yellow. It has two pillars in the middle, which has a crown printed there. The crown is the clear presentation of the ruling in the nation. The flag is one of the prettiest flag in the world.

Conclusion- Every nation has their own flag, which is designed to present them in the world. The above-mentioned flags are beautifully designed and used a great combination of colors having great meaning too.