Top 10 Best Neurology Hospitals in India

Neuroscience is one of the most sensitive subjects regarding medicine. Many Neurosurgeons have dedicated their life and time to understanding the subject and solving most of the problems related to it. Many neurology problems are still to uncover. But, as of now, there are many good and reputed hospitals in India which gives the best treatment. The following list is the collection of top 10 Neurology hospitals in India.

10.National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS)

This prestigious Government Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, established in Bangalore in the year 1954, is one of the best facilities available in India for Neurocare. Along with hospital services, the institute is also a center for learning and research of Neuroscience-related courses. It also has the best neurologists on-board. Some of the most significant neurological services provided here are: micro neurosurgery, epilepsy surgery, trauma, movement disorders, etc.

9.Max Institute of Neurosciences

This prestigious Institute located in New Delhi uses the best technology and equipment in providing the best health care for their patients. It has the most advanced operating room for Neurosurgery, Brain SUITE and is the first Institute in the Asia-Pacific region to adopt this advanced technology. They provide treatment for many diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Brachial Plexus, Hydrocephalus, Spine injuries, etc.

8.Fortis Centre of Neurology

This major Neurology center is the best for epilepsy treatment in India. The other major areas of their focus are on movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s, dyskinesia, etc., stroke, headaches, Neuroimmunological and muscular diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, and all other neuro related diseases. The combination of best neurologists and advanced treatment makes them one of the best Neurology hospitals in India.

7.AIIMS, Delhi

The hospital provides treatment for Neuroinfection, Epilepsy, Sleep, Dementia, Stroke, Movement disorders, etc. They have a vast number of neurosurgery cases of around 3000 cases per year. With latest advanced tools and equipment, the Neurologists are successful in their treatment methods. The institute is also under research methods mainly in stem cells, various neurological diseases, which are of high importance in the advancement of therapy.

6.P.D. Hinduja National, Mumbai

The P.D. Hinduja National is the first hospital to adopt the Gamma Knife technology for radiosurgery, as well as twin speed MRI in India. With their latest technology in diagnosis and surgery, they offer the best spinal surgery, cerebrovascular surgery, pituitary surgery, etc.

5.Indraprastha Apollo Hospital for Neurology, New Delhi

The main area of their focus includes epilepsy, coma, multiple sclerosis, headaches, neuropathies, Parkinson’s disease, etc. The hospital uses various modern equipment for both diagnosis and treatment. The qualified teams of doctors put their knowledge and experience effectively to find a solution to the problems encountered by the patient and give the patient the care and proper treatment as needed.

4.Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata

It is one of the best neurological hospitals in India. They put forward their strength in neurosurgery, neuro-rehabilitation, and also neuropsychiatry. The hospital also provides special care for those patients with low income, who can’t afford these high costly treatments. With around 150 in-patient facilities, the best team of doctors, and modern equipment and other facilities, the hospital is best of its kind in India.

3.SCTIMST (Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology), Kerala

The hospital established in 1976, is one of the best hospitals to provide skull base surgery, epilepsy surgery, neuroendoscopy, cerebrovascular surgery, movement disorder surgery and much more. The Institute comes under Department of Science and Technology by Government of India. They also offer many different courses for medical related studies in their Institute.

2.Christian Medical College-Vellore

It is one of the best Institutes in India for all neurological problems. The hospital has a large number of in-patients and well as out-patients daily. With most reputed Neurologists working here, and with advanced technologies, this hospital is one of the first Institutes in South Asia to start Neurological Science Department.

1.Manipal Hospital for Neurology

This prestigious Institute in Bangalore provides solutions for epilepsy, sleep disorders, dementia, chronic pains, multiple sclerosis, movement disorders, etc. The hospital is having a large infrastructure with almost 600 in-patients ad provide more than 1000 surgeries per year. Like other famous neurological Institutes, they are also well equipped with modern technology and experienced professional doctors.

It is often difficult to choose a Neurology hospital in case of emergency. Most of the problem related to brain and neurons is because of the lack of proper treatment and care. Brain, being the vital part of our body, utmost care should be given in treatment by choosing the best neurologist or neurosurgeon from the best hospitals. Unless it is an emergency such as accident, people can always prefer where they need to get treated.