Top 10 Best Production Companies in Chennai

Chennai is always a very developed and educated city in terms of every perspective. The progressiveness of Chennai on its corporate sectors, as well as industrial belts, is really inspiring to the other cities. And being a popular area, Chennai has lots of headquarters available which are highly popular and successful.

To make a study on Chennai’s best available manufacturing headquarters, our team has researched it all the way and now we representing you a list of the best production or manufacturing companies in Chennai. Just focus on the enlisted names for getting the information.

10. TVS Motors Company

We all are aware of the famous company TVS Motors, which was established in the year 1978 and still ruling in the market with the best reviews. Being one of the manufacturing companies in Chennai TVS Motor has a 1.5 Million Dollar of annual turnover and has a great reputation in the Indian as well as the international market for making two wheeler bikes.

Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 1978 |
Business – Manufacturing – Two Wheeler | Website – www.|

9. Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland is another renowned company. Ranking a second in the Indian manufacturing market AL stands with a great revenue and shares each annum. AL was established in 1948 and commercially become the best vehicle manufacturing company.

Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 1948 |
Business – Manufacturing – Commercial Vehicle | Website – |

8. MRF Limited

Madras Rubber Factory which is highly abbreviated as MRF is also a greatly successful Chennai based company. Being a ruling manufacturing Indian company MRF manufactures the best rubber related products. MRF tires are world widely popular and it also manufactures other rubber products like toys, paints, conveyor belts, tubes and etc which also well framed for their quality.

Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 1946 |
Business – Manufacturing – Tyres | Website – |

7. TAFE limited:

Tractors & Farm Equipment Limited or TAFE is a premium manufacturing company of India which actually provides engines, batteries, the hydraulic pumps and other many kinds of machinery equipment. This was established in 1960 and today streaming with a 1.5 Billion Dollar of market revenue.

Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 1960|
Business – Manufacturing – Engine and Diesel | Website –|

6. Ramco Cements Limited

RCL is a flagship firm of Ramco Group. Previously RCL was known as Madras Cements Limited. RCL is one of the leading cement producers and located in Chennai. “Portland Cement” is the highly known and best-selling product of the Ramco Cements Limited. Including the Indian market, RCL has spread their business globally.

Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 1939|
Business – Cement Manufacturing | |

5. Larsen & Toubro

One of the most popular and dedicated manufacturing company of Chennai which is also abbreviated as L&T. L&T was established at the year 1938 and basically works for construction, manufacturing, engineering and designing kind of business orientations. Including India, L&T has spread their business also in overseas.

Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 1938 |
Business – Construction, Engineering & manufacturing| |

4. Hyundai Motor India Limited

We all are aware of Hyundai Motors. This is highly popular for manufacturing and providing automobiles. Hyundai was established in the year 1967 and one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the heart of Chennai. Hyundai is still the king of the Indian market and the second largest car producer in India.

Corporate office – Seoul, South Korea | Establishment – 1967 |
Business – Automobile | |

3. Blue Star

Blue Star is one of the leading manufacturing companies of India and it has a branch located in Chennai. In terms of manufacturing appliances, BS is a great name. It was established in 1943 and today it has 37 branches in India.

Corporate office – Gurgaon, Haryana | Establishment – 1943 |
Business – Air conditioning and Refrigeration| |

2. Michelin Tyre Limited

MTL or the Michelin Tyre Limited provides the best quality tires all over the India and one of the largest production or manufacturing Indian companies which is situated in Chennai. It’s actually a French tire manufacturing company which entered in the Indian market decade’s ego and still remaining as a ruling company.

Corporate office – Clermont Ferrand, France | Establishment – 1888 |
Business – Tyre manufacturing| |

1. Ford India Private Limited

FIPL or Ford is highly framed name in India which was established in 1903 and has the actual headquarter in the USA. This is a globally successful car manufacturing company, and doing great in the Indian market. Options like Ford Figo, Endeavor, and Fiesta are the classy choices of Ford brand which making people attractive to buy it.

Corporate office – Dearborn, US | Establishment – 1903|
Business – Automobile| |