Top 10 Best Red Wine Brands in the World that offer Healthy Red Wine Drinks

In general, there are quite a number of vineyards located all over the world. The best wines are considered to be the ones which are aged for a very long time. Most of the International Wine Brands make huge profits by promoting their brand and increasing the prices. Some people believe that wines are not good for them, and it should be avoided. However, red wines are considered to be healthy drinks and so, people all over the world like to drink them in limited quantities. Researches also suggest that red wine helps in preventing fat cells formation in the body. This is because these wines contain flavonoids and resveratrol, which aids in protecting nerve cells, preventing insulin & cancer cells, and it also serves as an anti-inflammatory. Now let’s take a look at some of the best 10 Red Wine Brands that offer healthy and tasty red wine drinks.

Top  10 Red Wine Brands in the World:


  • Grover La’Reserve:


Ranked No. 1 in the list of best 10 Red Wine Brands, the Grover La’Reserve offers tasty wine at an affordable price range. The delectable taste and high quality bottle designs add extra value to this drink. Try this healthy drink to get a long-lasting taste that dwells in your senses.    


  • Pinot Noir:


The second one, which is considered to be one of the best 10 Red Wine Brands, is the Pinot Noir brand. This drink contains high concentrations of resveratrol, and hence it’s advisable to look for old-fashioned wineries so that the resveratrol level reduces. The grapes used for making this wine are grown in wet/cool climatic conditions.


  • Cabernet Sauvignon:


This is one of the best Red Wine Brands which offers wine having a fruity aroma and pleasant taste. Made from Red Tannat grapes, this wine drink contains procyanidins, which help in improving blood flow. A combination of pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon gives it an extraordinary taste.  


  • Chene Grand Reserve:


This is one of the leading Red Wine Brands that offer wine made by Grover Zampa Vineyards. The red wine is globally popular for its rich flavour and appealing taste. Try this wine to get a healthy drink which has the taste of plums and berries, and enjoy them with pasta or stews.


  • Madirans:


Made from Tannat grapes, the Madiran Red Wine Brand offers healthy red wine that contains procyanidins. Use of traditional methods can help in aging the wine, thereby giving it an amazing taste. Grapes sourced from south-western France, Italy and Sardinia are considered to be the best choices.


  • Merlot:


This is also from one of the best 7 Red Wine Brands which offer wine containing procyanidins. Made using dark grapes having dark blue skin, this high quality wine is extracted from vineyards located in south-western France and Sardinia.


  • Rasa Shiraz:


This is a proud Indian Red Wine Brand that offers wine having an award winning reputation. Maintained by the popular Sula Vineyards, this wine is also exported to other countries. The exotic taste and fruity aroma of this wine makes it one of the best drinks for all occasions.

          8.Syrahs :

These wines are grown in most of the parts across the globe and contains a high level of procyanidins.You can enjoy this Red Wine with blackcurrants..


It Is one of the world wide acknowledge and liked red wine by the drink lovers.It is great in taste which bagged it Decanter World Wines Award in 2013.


It is originally an Italian Winer but now produced in California too.It has very high levels of resveratrol which are beneficial for your health.

Some of the best 10 Red Wine Brands and their wines are discussed above. The best red wines are the ones which are made using the ancient techniques of wine production. This is because the use of traditional methods helps in preserving all the nutrients of the wine, hence resulting in production of healthy red wine. So, people have to choose the best one among the various wineries and then, try out the red wine drink produced in them.