Top 10 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines In India

This approximately took us a month to find the best semi automatic washing machine of this year 2016. As you know that there are lots of options are available, but in a fact, all are not that efficient to meet the consumer’s needful demands. Once it was a time when equipment like the washing machine, dining table, air conditioners was used to being the most luxurious products and only rich peoples were using them. But nowadays these approximately fit everyone’s budget and there are also expensive and cheap options.

People who are willing to buy a new semi-automatic washing machine they will get a clear idea and will come to know about all the attributes and features of a Semi Automatic Washing Machine. For so, you just read our represented article and have a look in the enlisted items. Hope it will help you to pick your preferable one.

1. LG (Life’s Good):

Life’s Good is another trustworthy brand available for you. It is best semi automatic washing machine which comes with a great designing and features like Wind Jet Dry, Roller Jet, Magic wheel. Besides them, this LG product has a special feature called Rat Away Technology, which is useful and interesting for the users. Consumers must consider the price range of 10000K to 30000K, and they also getting more options than Samsung with 6.2KG to 14KG capacity.

2. Samsung:

While it goes with Samsung, it always assures you the high level of performance & efficiency even with attractive designing. And here for the best semi automatic washing machine, its high technology blended product is loaded with features like Double Storm Pulsator, Nano Rustproof, Magic Filter and etc. Within a range of 9000K to 15000K, consumers are also getting a special warranty in its motor. Models like WT657QPNDPGXTL, WT6H2000HV/TL and etc comes in such price range.

3. Haier:

This is a Chinese MNC brand which states to provide the most updated, reasonable and affordable products ever. It has good looking, supreme coloring, and quality features in its interface. Standing with a price range of 8000K to 10000K Haier semi-automatic washing machines comes to satisfy you with the level best product ever.

4. Videocon:

This well-known brand always holds a significant market share. With the best semi, automatic washing machine Videocon offers you all the basic features including a special option of Bleach Inlet. Standing with a lot of models Videocon comes in a price range of 8000K to 15000K and provides a capacity range of 6KG – 9KG.

5. Godrej:

Being one of the most durable, reliable and quality brands of India, Godrej offers you feature like Active Soak, Tri Roto Scrub, Variety Washing Programs, Cutting Edge Technology and a powerful motor. Besides the highest quality assurance, in Godrej consumer are also getting a lot of variety in a price range of 10000K to 12000K.

6. Whirlpool:

One of the greatest brands for such segmentations! This American Home Appliances Giant offers you attractive looking machines with lots of color options. Features like Stain free technology, Variety Wash Programs, Moving Wheels, In Built Scrubber, and even an Auto Restart is well available in Whirlpool. Its price range is same like Samsung and options are also good.

7. Kelvinator:

After all the above brands, the name Kelvinator can easily be trusted. Loading with features like Magic Filters, Auto Soak, Quadra Pulsator, Kelvinator provides the most efficient semi-automatic washing machine with a high quality of designing and sizing. Variety washing programs and variety of options are available for quality preference.

8. Electrolux:

Hope all of you have heard about the brand Electrolux. With a tight budget range of 7000K to 11000K, you can easily bang on with Electrolux semi-automatic washing machine. Including the basic features of a fridge, Electrolux ensures you Cyclone Pulsator, Soak Program, Smart Filter, Variety Wash program and other external facilities. It offers you a capacity range of 6 KG to 8 KG and there are lots of options to consider at such a price.

9. Panasonic:

One of the best international brands of electronics, Panasonic comes with a price range of 9000K to 11000K. It brings you semi automatic washing machine with 6.8 to 7.2 KG of capacity and there are 3-4 popular options available in Panasonic. Features like Aqua Crystal Filter, Double Action Pulsator, Magic Filter and Air Dryer are streaming in its models.

10. Onida:

Including all the basic features, Onida also offers you Magic Lint Filter and Spin Shower in it. Onida semi-automatic washing machine stands with a price range of 8000K to 11000K and comes with a capacity of 6.2KG to 8.5KG. Onida has a great reputation in the market for daily using machinery so considering it’s fancy and strong products will assure you the quality.