Top 10 Best Stylish Phone Cases Brands 2016 – 2017 – Most Popular

In this post we are discussing top 10 best stylish phone cases brands in 2016. Mobile phones are one of the most necessary things to always have in the pocket or bag. Mobile phones are used on regular basis, so the chances of getting damaged, having scratches on its body, screen display are very common. When we are using an expensive mobile phone, we become extra attentive and careful. To avoid such chances, it is advisable to use cell phone cases, which acts as a protective cover for these. There are several top phone case brands available in the market offering varieties of cases in different color, designs, shapes and sizes.

1. Otterbox

top phone case brands

The first one, which is at the top of the phone case brands chart, comes from the brand of Otterbox. Their popularity comes from the perfect blend of strength and style. The rugged look of the cases availed by them offers the users the assurance of highest grade quality of security of their phones and along with that, the unique and appealing design give it a stylish look too. So, if you want to have a stylish cover for your phone, yet needs good safety too, check out the products available at Otterbox and surely you will find something interesting and useful.

2. G-Form


The second spot on the list is proudly taken by the G-Form. If you are a phone user but feel difficult in taking care of your phone security from any damage, then the cases offered by the G-Form are best fit for you. The reactive protection technology adopted by them has the capability to absorb all the force while it gets hit or fallen and thus ensures the protection of cell phone. With the use of cases from this reputed brand, one gets the durability of their phone and that too without much effort and attention.

3. Nuud Case


Another one providing very effective cases is Nuud Brand. They are very popular and sought after brand in the market. This is mainly because; the product offered by them have the waterproof quality incorporated in them, which gives these an edge over other ones available in the market. If you got caught in the rain all of a sudden, then even in that situation your phone is safe in the Nuud case. They are designed in a way that these get perfectly fit in the phones. Their smooth design gives them an extra appeal.

4. Seidio


If you love to have a slim design phone and are worried about using the case altering the look of your phone. Then no need to worry anymore. Here comes the case manufactured by Seidio, which maintains the slim look of your cell phone. The Seidio holds a reputable 4th spot in this list, due to the customer’s positive affection for their product range. These cases have rugged and tough look, which protects your phones effectively from any damage. One advance key feature is added in their product and that is the kickstand, which gives the users an easy viewing experience.

5. Incipio


The fourth position is occupied by the Incipio brand. They are the winner of the CSE 2013 award. Your iPhone is absolutely safe and secure in the phone case designed by Incipio. There are not only varieties of color availed by them, but also several designs are there to choose from. These additional characteristic features available in the cases offered by them have gained them immense popularity amongst the users. Also, one gets the waterproof protection.

6. Amzer


If you want to have a protective cover, but having a softer look, then the brand Amzer is the most suitable case provider to fulfill your requisites. The case layer is tough in its feature, yet has a softer display appearance. The unique characteristic of the case offered by the Amzer is its rubberized finishing and textured look. They give a very complementary and attractive look to your phone. Their readily finished appearance has bagged them the spot of 6th in this list.

7. Ballistic


If you want to have extensive protection for your cell phone from the various damages, then opt for the case provided by the Ballistic brand. One not only gets an extra layer of protection, but also silicon shock absorbent, protection for the screen display, etc. the perfect blend of protective features and layers has won them the 7th brand position amongst the top brands of phone cases. These are the perfect choice for those, who are involved in outdoor activities very often.

8. Life Proof Case


As the name suggests, it complements completely the true sense of its name. One gets the extended durability for their cell phones by using the cases offered by the Life Proof brand. The design and key features of the cases offered by the Life proof have guided them to be the 8th most favored case brand in this list. One gets longevity for their smartphones, as these have an inbuilt protector and that too with a sleek design.

9. Case Mate


If you are a user of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and the iPhones, then opt for the case offered by the Case Mate. These cases are designed in accordance to protect your phone from the minor damages and secure them from any scratches while using them. One gets to have classy looking cases from this brand.

10. Griffin


Another very famous brand offering defining cases and covers for the phones is Griffin. These are not only good protective cover for your phones and smartphones but also add a stylish look to them. Above all of this, these are quite affordable and thus they are stealing a 10th spot on the top list of phone case brand in the world showing their demand in the market. If you want to take picture underwater, no worries take your phone underwater with the case offered by Griffin. The waterproof quality assures the safety of your phone.

Hope you like this amazing collection of top 10 best stylish phone cases brands. Please let us know which phone case brands do you use for your expensive phone via comment section below. Your valuable suggestions are most welcomed.

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