Top 10 Best Travel Mugs To Keep The Coffee Hot

For the people who are working nine to five, coffee is the main source in their diet which makes them energetic and awake. If the job included traveling then coffee becomes a necessity. The coffee mugs for traveling are easy to carry and reliable as they have a lid which avoids from the spill. So next time if you are planning to take a trip carry out the coffee mugs that are specially built for traveling.So here are the best 10 travels mugs available in the market.

1. Contigo Autoseal Travel Coffee Mug

Contigo Autoseal Travel Coffee Mug

This stainless steel travel coffee mug is easy to open as it works on a sipping mechanism in which one has to press a button to open the mug. The only drawback is that it can’t be clean by hand because of its narrow shape.

2. FGN Vacuum Travel Coffee Mug

 FGN Vacuum Travel Coffee Mug

This heavy-duty stainless steel travel mug is light in weight and has insulated vacuum design. It also has a storage space of 16-ounces and comes in a variety of colors. It is suitable for both men and women.

3. RTIC Travel Coffee Mug

RTIC Travel Coffee Mug

This is best for those who have a habit to have a coffee in the morning as it has 30 ounces storage space for any liquid and also keeps your cold drinks cold.

4. Zojirushi Travel Coffee Mug

Zojirushi Travel Coffee Mug

This 12 ounces travel mug is suitable for small outings as it keeps your coffee hot for 2 hours and its lid will seal your liquid tightly. The only drawback is that it is too costly.

5. Stanley Travel Coffee Mug

Stanley Travel Coffee Mug

This vacuum coffee travel mug is the most convenient mug as it lids with push button allows you to open, drink and close with one hand and also it rugged look makes it suitable for the camping.

6. Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Mug

Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Mug

This stainless steel 16 ounces travel mug has a comfort design and comes with a snap-seal lid and double wall construction. It is elegant and suitable for both men and women as it is portable, durable and easy to use.

7. Lifesky Travel Coffee Mug

Lifesky Travel Coffee Mug

This insulated double wall construction mug is mostly preferred by office executives and students as it is BPA free and is easy to carry because of its single handed design. It also offers 16-ounces space and comes with one -year warranty.

8. Thermos Raya Travel Coffee Mug

Thermos Raya Travel Coffee Mug

This stainless steel tumbler comes in contoured shape and grip of rubber which allow holding it comfortably and easily. The mug has insulated walls which keep the liquid in the desired temperature but the only drawback is that its lid doesn’t lock tightly.

9. Espro Travel Coffee Mug

Espro Travel Coffee Mug

This mug is famous for its two-stage blocking micro filter and French press which keeps your coffee as fresh as possible.  Espro mugs come with double wall and insulted construction which keeps all the liquids hot for hours.

10. Planetary Design Travel Mug

Planetary Design Travel Mug

Designer tumbler mug which is planetary in design is a good performer of hot drinks. A user can carry the drink for the whole day as it has resistant which avoids odors.  It has smooth lip thus a user can easily take a sip.

The well-designed models of coffee mugs which are used during traveling are durable and comfortable to carry. They are temperature resistant and avoid leakage. So get ready to fill up your cups with a delicious brew and become the center of attention among a group of people.