Top 10 Best William Brad Pitt Movies List

Top 10 Best William Bradley Pitt Movies List

William Bradley Pitt commonly known as Brad Pitt is one of the hottest stars in the Hollywood. With his charming smile and his critically acclaimed performances he was able to establish himself a safe seat in the movie Industry. He received numerous awards for his notable work along 2 Academy nominations.

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A psychological thriller director by David Fincher, Pitt plays the character of a detective David Millis, who along with his partner William Somerset, played by Morgan Freeman is in the mission to catch a serial killer. Pitts blends well with his character as an impulsive young man who finds it difficult to cope up with Freeman’s character. Though it was during his initial phase, he was able to do justice to his character.

9.Fight Club

Tyler Durden is one of the best-played characters of Brad Pitt. He was able to give great support to his fellow actor Edward Norton who portrays a young man, dissatisfied with his job, who along with Tyler becomes a member of Fight Club. The depth of Tyler’s character revealed as the story moves along. He received critical acclamation for his portrayal.

8.Ocean’s Eleven

With an ensemble cast, this movie was among the top 5 high-grossing films in 2001. He played the character of Rusty Ryan who is the right hand of Danny played by George Clooney. The film’s main plot is robbery, and it’s planning, and Pitt fits into the role of Rusty who is cool, a food freak and has everybody’s trust.

7.A River Run through it

It is one of the Pitt’s earliest movies where he portrays the character of Paul, a rebellious son of Presbyterian minister in Montana. The film is based on a semi-autobiographical written by Norman Maclean with the same name. Brad Pitt was lucky to be part of this Oscar-winning movie for best cinematography and proved that he is not a little a cowboy hunk which he portrayed in his previous film, but has a real talent for acting in his blood.

6.12 Monkeys

It is a Science Fiction movie which has a very high impact in Brad Pitt’s career. He was highly praised by his critics for his role as Jeffrey Goines, an animal activist gained him Academy nomination for supporting actor, but he won Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in 2006.

5.Inglourious Basterds

Brad Pitt played the character of Lieutenant Aldo Raine which gained him Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. He stunned his audience with his performance by creating his version of a lieutenant.


It is another movie which Pitt gained him a nomination for supporting actor in Oscars. He portrayed the character of Billy Beane, the Manager of Oakland Athletics based on the real life character. The movie was featured in film festivals and got six nominations it the Academy Awards.


An adventure movie set loosely on Iliad, mainly tells the story of Trojan War which lasted for a decade. He played the character of Achilles, a great warrior in King Agamemnon who go for War against Troy. He eventually dies in the movie. This character of Pitt touched gained him a permanent place in his audience heart.

2.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The movie is about Benjamin Button, a man who ages in reverse. His collaboration with David Fincher again gained him one of the best role ever. The film received positive response with numerous awards and Academy Nominations including Brad Pitt for Best Actor. It is a must watch movie for Brad Pitt fans out there.


It is a comedy film with crime as the central theme. It had an ensemble of characters and was successful financially as well as gained positive reviews from the critics. It is also listed in the 500 greatest movies of all time. Brad Pitt enacted the role of an Irish Traveller, Mickey O’Neil with his persistent approach and bang on Irish accent gained him praise from his critics.