Top 10 Best Dog Car Ramps for Safe and Easy Climbing into Vehicles

A portable dog ramp can enhance the lifestyle of your beloved animal. The ramp allows them to ease their motion or weight in order to climb high and this is why these ramps are ideal for small, old dogs, and pets whose health conditions do not permit them to move free especially in the case of arthritis. Dogs become part of life and better to say a family member, whenever you go for outing, you must recognize their absence and similarly, those pets do the same as well. If your pet is not able to walk or even is small to climb your car, use this pedestrian equipment. Here is the list of top 10 high performing and strong dog car ramps.

10. 6′ Aluminum Folding Suitcase Dog Ramp

The pedestrian slope is for pets with larger size and they can surely fit in the slope. The holding capacity of the ramp is 250 pounds and can easily fold into 2 section to get accommodated anywhere in the car. The Velcro handles provide added security whenever close or open. It is easy to clean with detergent and water. The only disadvantage added with the product is its cost which is quite high to bear.

9. Pet STEP 223 Half STEP Pet Ramp

This pedestrian slope proffers multi-purpose portability due to its lightweight model. Completely made from composite plastic, the weight is just 11.5 pounds, but it has immense strength to hold up to 500 pounds. Its non-slip surface offers better gripping and it will not rust or corrode. It floats in water but does not perform when pavement being set up. With ergonomic handles on both sides, it picks up and packs up become easy.

8. Pet Gear Full Length Wide Tri-Fold Pet Ramp

The ramp is for an older pet as it has a non-slip surface for easy walking of these animals. The rubber mounted strips on the bottom allows the pets to get down safely on the land. Its 3 folding sections make it more compatible which can be accommodated anywhere in the car while going out. The handles on the ramp provide an easy to pick from place to place. Its rubber mounted strips get grated with time.

7. Titan 28″ – 61″ Telescoping Collapsible Pet Ramp Compact Portable Aluminum Dogs

This is one of the best ramps in the list as it is a unique compactable slope and easily folded to bring on the go.  The product is perfect for older domesticated animals which have joint issues as this gets rolled out to provide a longer slide. With large rubber mounted feet, the security features increases many times when compared to other similar products. It may warp with heavier animals.

6. Lightweight Portable Folding Aluminum Pet Ramp

With this slope, you need not worry about the size and weight of your beloved pet. You can carry it anywhere as the product is very lightweight but strong at the same time. The product is available in 3 different sizes to choose from which helps you in picking best size for your animal. The slope may be too long sometimes.

5. Pet Gear Pet Ramp, Chocolate

If your beloved animal is large, then you never want to miss this slope. This product comprises a huge weight capacity of up to 300 pounds and its measurement is almost 20 inches broad. The safety features of the product are also high as it is lined with carpet offering it a non-slip surface. Its raised edges stop falls and rubberized feet allow safe movement.

4. Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 71 inch Extra Wide Pet Ramp

This extra large and super strong ramp is great for small and big pets in the same way. It measures 20 inches broad and can hold the weight of 200 pounds easily. It also brings tri-fold design which makes it perfect for compactable storage and can be carried anywhere on the go. It’s walking surface is too secure for a simple and safe walk of pet animals.

3. Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 71 inch Pet Ramp

This slope is highly portable and easy to include in the outing plan. The weight of the product is just 15 pounds and can be folded into three sections. The product description claims that it can take the weight of 200 pounds. The product also includes few imperative safety features like rubberized feet and a carpet surface.

2. Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Half Ramp

The slope is ideal for climbing short heights. This is a quite short and can be used only for heights up to 20 inches, thus making it perfect to get into the car. It offers secured walking with its carpeted surface. The weight of the product is just 10 pounds.

1. Solvit Pet Ramp Smart Ramp Junior

This slope in on the first spot in the list and is full of advantages. The weight of the product is only ten pounds but holds up to 200 pounds, isn’t it great for your animal’s use.