Top 10 Doll Brands in the World

Toys are very popular amongst children. From the infant, toys are given to accompany and entertain children. When we talk about girl child, then a fascinating play toy is a doll. One can find a number of dolls present in the baby girl room. There are various doll brands which have kept the market filled with a variety of designs. Here, the list comprises of top 10 doll brands in the world, which are quite popular amongst the babies.

1. Barbie

beautiful barbie doll

The most famous and the world recognized brand is Barbie. They design beautiful and fashionable dolls. The best part of their creation is variety. One can find a number of variants in the same brand. Apart from that, they keep upgrading themselves to stir the interest of people in their innovation. In between, they also introduce a range of dolls under theme-based categories as a movie, holiday and so on.

2. American Girls

american girls doll for kids

It is one of the brands which rise to popularity in very short span of time. Having a modern touch to their designs attracts girls. Also, war based looks are available with us. Smart, beautiful and well presentable are few key points of the dolls offered by this brand.

3. Madame Alexander Dolls

Madame Alexander Doll for kids

Another top listed name in this category. It is loved all across the globe for its size and so many characters. Bringing a touch of class along with beauty us its popularity base. One can check out its collections as Wizard of Oz and other popular themes too.

4. Disney Princess and Me


The world full of Disney characters!!! One can collect the Disney princess dolls for their princess and make them play with their favorite character. The princess dolls are designed in plenty of variants, over which girls and babies are affectionate enough to buy many of these. This one is one of the most popular doll brands.

5. Marie Osmond Dolls

Awesome Marie Osmond Doll

These hit to fame after their appearance on QVC. The prime reason of their fame is its reasonable rate. Most of the dolls are manufactured with porcelain. Some are also available in resin. But, porcelain base dolls are more in demand.

6. Adora Baby

Adora Baby Dolls for your kids

Whatever talked about this famous doll brand would be less only to its fame. People go gaga over this as they prove to be the best companion for their child. The reason is its genuine real look. You would be amazed to know that these actually look like a real baby and even its touch is as soft as babies. It is commonly found in every growing child collection.

7. Lee Middleton

Lee Middleton baby doll

It is not so much into play toy category because of its fragile and soft manufacturing. Even after this, it has made its very own place in favorite toy category for kids across the world. The reason is its look and beauty. Mostly these are placed for the show in the kid’s room. This brand produces limited variants and is expensive too.

8. Carolle Les Cheries Dolls

Carolle Les Cheries Dolls

The dolls with beautiful long hairs, perfect to play and girls love to play with them. The dolls from this brand are fashion dolls. Girls love this also because of lovely vanilla aroma coming from these. This one is on 8th position in the list of top 10 best baby dolls.

9. Bratz Dolls

Bratz Dolls for baby

This brand is mainly popular for presenting funky and beautiful dolls. These play toys are perfect for growing child as their outfit and mannerism get immediately liked up by kids.

10. Vogue (Ginny)


The brand name loved by the kids because of its wealthy and vast accessories collection. The look of the dolls is very affectionating and makes girls so happy while playing with these, as they get to style them in many ways.


Everyone’s childhood has some favorite toys of their own, which one cherish to their complete lifetime. Most people have their loved toys and dolls from the above-listed brands.

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