Top 10 Expensive Television Models in the World

Television is a source of digital audio video media. One gets a complete package of entertainment, social awareness, political ongoings, local, regional, national and world affairs, etc. There are many people who love to have a brand at their home of highest quality. Here, we are introducing our readers with the most expensive television models in the world.

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1. Stuart Hughes’ Prestige HD Supreme Rose edition

most expensive televisions in the world

It has 65-inch screen display and one of the most expensive one until this time with a price of $2.26 Million. One gets 28 kgs of gold coated on this set of 18 karat value. Also, 1 karat diamond is studded along with. The buyer gets 72 round cuts of diamond.

2. Stuart Hughes’ Prestige HD Supreme edition


This television model offers the rich quality of picture and a screen of 55 inches. Along with gold, 48 diamonds are used in its design, which makes its price $1.5 Million. Also precious stones like Topaz and other valuable stones are used to make it more attractive.

3. Yalos Diamond

most expensive tv series in the world

Yalos Diamond offer customers a highly valued television sets. It has diamond studded panel manufactured by Keymate Industrie from Italy. The 160 diamonds studded in panel collectively makes 20 karat and by this one can understand its value of $140,000. The size available in this brand is up to 46 inches.

4. Panasonic 152-inch plasma tv


It offers a resolution of 2160 pixels and has a display of 152 inches. One needs to spend a large sum of $500,000 to own it. Its significant feature is its light weight.

5. Panasonic TH 103VX200W


Panasonic is the one of its kind plasma television, which gives the facility of watching 3D view by using 3D glasses. Amazing quality of an image and outstanding sound value has enhanced its rate and makes it one of the most expensive television models valuing $100,000.

6. Beovision 4


If you love to own a television set with larger than life display. Then, this one is perfectly suitable for you costing $140,000. Its 103-inch plasma display is something to crave about. And above all if this, the 100 Hz picture display would amaze you.

7. Sharp LB 1085-LCD TV

top 10 expensive television models in the world

The television set from Sharp LB is launched in 2008 and since then it has a spot in the list of top 10 expensive television models in the world ranging $160,000. It has 108 inch LCD display with 400 cd/ m2 brightness of the screen. One gets to watch 106-degree viewing angle and 3 HDMI ports for input usage.

8. Sony 84 inch

top 10 expensive television

It is an LED display television set with a huge screen of 84 inches. The dynamic features of this unit make it one of the most desirable sets in the whole world. It’s implicit design and making are amazing. The awareness if this brand and cinema picture quality has led us to be the first in our list and costs about $25,000.

9. LG 84 inch

expensive television in the world

LG television brand is quite similar to the above-mentioned name. Its popularity is no less than that of Sony and gives a tough competition in the market. The current market evaluation of $20,000 presents it as the most expensive tv in the world. The astounding picture quality and big 84-inch screen display would make you fall with this model.

10. Samsung UHD S9

most expensive tv

It is the latest model available at the high price of $38,000. It has a core processor of the quad grade. The model comes from the league of high definition.

Hope you like our collection of top 10 expensive television models in the World. Please let us know which one television model is your favorite via the comment section below. Also, your valuable suggestions are most welcome.