Top 10 Famous Oldest Languages in the World

Almost 6000 languages are being spoken all over the world till date. Researches are going on to find out the world’s oldest language and after several, they concluded few of them which are considered to be the famous oldest languages in the world.

1. Tamil Language:

Famous oldest Languages

This is being considered as one of the most popular oldest languages in the world. From the scripted evidence the appearance of this one is finding during 300 BC. Approximately 78 million people use this in their daily life.

2. Latin Language:

Oldest Languages

Reported during 75 BC, it is one of the oldest written languages of the world. It still exists as the official language of Poland and Vatican City. Several other languages are being influenced from the Latin scripts.

3. Sanskrit Language:

Sanskrit Language

Most of the Hindu scripts are written in this language and is believed to be originated during 2000 BC from the traces find. This has a great impact on several western languages is one of the ancient ones.

4. Hebrew Language:

Hebrew Language

The actual origin of this is still to be revealed but the literature finds its origin somewhere around 1000 BC. Basically, It’s the official language of Israel and appeared mostly in sacred texts because of this, it is also known as “Holy”.

5. Greek Language:

Greek language

Greek is one of the famous and most conveniently used among the philosophers and scholars and scripted evidence shows during 1500 BC. Still, this language exists in several educational courses. In Biological Classification the names of plants and animals are categorised in genus and species which is called binomial nomenclature. And both the names are written in Greek majorly.

6. Chinese Language:

Chinese Language

Around 1.2 billion people use Chinese for verbal and written communication all over the world and traces of its appearance found during 1250 BC. It is the oldest surviving and popular languages in the world. It is one of the oldest languages in the world.

7. Aramaic Language:

Aramaic Language

Two most popular Languages of the world is considered to be originated from this one which is Arabic and Hebrew. Most of the diplomatic documents of Armaan – city states were scripted in these famous oldest languages.

8. Egyptian Language:

Egyptian Language

Until late 17th century, this language was being used by Egyptian and is one of the oldest scripted languages known, along with Sumerian. But today it has become the Egyptian Arabic and spoken in Egypt.

9. Korean Language:

Korean Language

The official language of Korea showing its emergence in 600 BC. Korean people feel pride using this in their verbal communication.

10.Persian Language:

Persian Language

Known to be originated in 5th century BC in Iraq and Iran and is being spoken by 12 countries across the world. Most the Arabic countries use this one as their official language. It is one of the popular oldest languages in the world.

Conclusion – Above are the few best known oldest languages which have emerged after several researches. These are least known and further research and serious studies are difficult due to the lack of scripted evidence. Modern vocabulary is a result of older sounds and grunts of an ancient world.