Top 10 Hottest Fox News Anchorwoman

I don’t think you guys will ignore me if I say that, some of the very popular halls of Fox News studios are pretty loaded with very hot and sexy hosts! We adore the beauty, and as they bring you the news, we make you focus on the views! Remember those times while listening to the mainstream news you get distracted by something else inside the TV, and the reason behind this is these 10 hottest news hosts. These girls are extremely talented, so called, “Beauty with Brains”! Besides bringing the real-time news to you, these ladies are also making your eyes feel pleasure by their charming looks.

Be prepare now, because we are going to represent the best list of hottest Fox news hosts who making the viewers feel heart throbbing even when they are streaming with a very serious story onscreen.

 Rebecca Diamond :


This prettiness is a contributor in FNC as well as in the FBN. I hope it will not take your time to remember her, when I will say, she hosted the show “Happy Hour” because this is one of the most successful shows in FNC. Besides, “Happy Hour” she also hosted lots of popular shows in Television which can gradually make her portfolio heavy. Diamond graduated from the Maryland University, with a stream of Broadcast Journalism. And after her successful career in Fox News, she also gained a lot of popularity for her beauty.

Jamie Colby :


Jamie is currently a co-anchor of this international channel, and she recently runs the “America’s News Headquarters” which get delivered to the audience at 1 PM of Saturdays and 10 & 12 PM of Sundays. Jamie joined this FNC in the year 2003 and handled a lot of journalism and anchoring projects with renowned platforms, like Fox & CNN. But besides her talent when just focus on her face and body, that’s looks damn pretty and hot.

 Patti Ann Browne :


That prettiness currently serves the breaking news as a co-host in Fox News Channels. If you want to catch onscreen, then 5-6 AM is the time, when she appears in the “Fox & Friends First”. I saw her fist at this show, and I was stunned at the first glance. Patti belongs from New Work and joined this platform in the year of 2000.

 Sandra Smith :


Smith joined the FBN as a reporter in October 2007 after pursuing her graduation from Louisiana State University. It has also been reported that before joining FBN she was an on-air reporter in the multinational platform called Bloomberg Television. But currently, she is streaming as a journalism, hosting and retail analyst. I find that lady very adorable and innocent that why Sandra is always my first choice, what about you guys!

 Andrea Tantaros :


If you remember this attractive news face, then you will easily place her at the 5th position of our list. Including a lot of hits shows like “The Five” , “The Andrea Tantaros Show” Andrea regularly comes in the FBC and even writes her weekly column in the New York Daily & Newsmax. I heard a lot of bold and hot rumors about that lady and she has also famed as “The most Pragmatic Personality” by the Washington times.

 Molly Line :


One of my favorite hosts! This lady joined the FNC in 2006 as  a Boston-based correspondent, and since then I am following her. Our team researched that prior to joining the FNC, Molly used to work with WFXT at the same position. Line hosted lots of hit shows and her news delivery style is really unique and impressive that anybody would love to hang on with her shows. I think she is one of the hottest Fox hosts and has a great long figure to show of onscreen, any doubt guys!

 Julie Banderas :


Banderas started her bright career in the year of 2005, and she is now one of the super famed host/anchors of this international platform. In the year 2004 Julie was awarded the “Outstanding Single Newscast” and this award describes everything. Julie is much looks like Indians than Americans and that attracts a lot of viewers to her shows with her talent.

 Jenna Lee :


Those who regularly follows Fox News, they won’t say, that they don’t know who is Jenna! Because as per reviews, most of the guys find her as the hottest news anchor in the world! Jenna was a student of Columbia University and she earned her Science Degree in Journalism from there. If you want to catch her onscreen then 11AM-1PM is the real time where you can face her.

 Courtney Friel :


Now this position comes with a French Hotty! I will not argue if you tell that she doesn’t know how to deliver a fluent UK/US English, but you can’t dare to argue with her prettiness. Friel has a successful career in FNC after working at LSI, and she is streaming in the platform since a long time. After handling a lot of international Journalism projects as an anchor and journalist she is now a well-known face of Fox.

 Martha MacCallum :


After watching this lady, you will never believe that she is 52 years old. I like Martha very much for her talent of anchoring and also for maintaining her beauty. Martha is always a great representation of FNC and has a great number of followers. And for her experience, beauty and quality, our team is considering this lady at the first position.


The best list of world’s hottest Fox hosts/anchors is just a fantasy more than as a described meaning. We prepared this top 10 list and these ladies really deserve to stand out on this list because of their extreme level of feminine beauty. But that doesn’t mean we are neglecting any other FNC hosts or want to mean something naughty about respectful ladies.