Top 10 Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee

Lee Juan-Fun popularly known as Bruce Lee is one of the most famous martial artists till date. He was also called “Little Dragon” which is as apt for him as he was born on the hour of the dragon, on the day of the dragon and in the dragon year.  Apart from death nobody could ever defeat him. His philosophy of life was “Any knowledge ultimately led to self-knowledge.” Here are some fascinating facts about Bruce Lee.

1. Bruce Lee has lightning speed

His movements and kicks were super fast that it was impossible to capture the scenes in 24 frames. The directors had to increase the frames to 32 frames per second to make it look realistic.

2. Bruce Lee vs. Triads

Like in a movie, young boy fights with the son of a famous Chinese mob, Triads and parents sent him away to a safer place in America; this is the story of Bruce Lee.

3. His coin trick

He was able to grab a dime from a person’s hand while he closed his hand and was also able to exchange it with another coin. Another example of his incredible speed.

4. The famous one-inch punch

Do you think anyone can blow a punch with their fist within a one-inch distance from their opponent i.e. at a speed of 500th of a second? Bruce Lee could do it in a blink of an eye.

5. He had a hell of stamina

You won’t believe that he was able to do push ups with a 250-pound man on his back. Wait not only that, he was able to do push-ups with his one finger only. People who do push ups just make a note of this.

6. He had a partial German heritage

His grandfather being German had great significance in his life. He was denied getting training in many Kung Fu schools because of his ethnicity. But the school lost such a brilliant talent.

7. His skills are speculative

There are very few things which he can’t do. With the back of his fingers, he was able to puncture the cans. Just imagine it was even before the time when cans were soft aluminium made. It was just like a hobby for him even if gets hurt by it. No wonder why cans are of soft aluminium now.

8. The Karate Kid

Yes, in fact, he was a great karate kid. Just ask him about any term in karate he could answer it. He was not a trained karate fighter, but he was able to perform this self-defending art with accuracy.

9. The bad eyesight and Wing Chu

We can’t even imagine that Bruce Lee had a vision problem. But it is true; he used to wear contact lens due to his sight problem. But he made his weakness strength, by concentrating more on the art Wing Chu, which has movements based on touch.

10. Bruce Lee The Bibliophilic

It hardly occurs to anyone that one who fights can also be bibliophilic. Bruce Lee had an extensive collection of books. He had a library with over 2000 books, and he reads daily. He has also written many poems. Some people are more than multi-talented.