Top 10 Largest Malls in USA for Affordable Shopping

A well-cultivated shopping mall, including all the modern and high optimized facilities, is always very charming and pleasant place for the civilized peoples shopping. We all know, rather than going shop to shop in a market, a highly decorated and facilitated shopping mall is a far better option. According to a survey, it has been shown that people who love to do a high time shopping they always prefer the best shopping malls around them. And in the USA, if we focus on the 318.9 million of the population, then for everyone’s satisfaction, there are not a lot of mall choices available. That’s why; our team especially enlisted the best 10 shopping malls of the USA, which are highly efficient to meet all your requirements regarding the mainstream services.

01 Destiny USA:


Destiny USA which is also abbreviated as D-USA is one of the most efficient malls in the belt of America. D-USA was established in 1990 in the base of Syracuse, New York, and today it covers a 228,000 MITRE Square of space. D-USA includes 300+ entertainment venues with a lot of variety in its services.

02 The Mall at Short Hills:


A bike ride near about 10 miles from the Newark Liberty International Airport can lead you to the destination of the Short Hills Mall. Including the class facilities of 150+ stores, the MSH streaming in as one of the best malls in the USA since decades.

03 The Woodfield Mall:


Woodfield is exactly situated in the proper area of Schaumburg, Illinois at Chicago. Besides being one of the top most malls, Woodfield is also an oldest one, which was established in 1971 taking a huge space around 206,600 MITRE Square. Today Woodfield has more than 300 stores, and the luxurious services also define the fact of supreme quality.

04 South Coast Plaza:


The South Coast Plaza or SCP is one of the oldest and renowned malls in the USA, California which was established in the year of 1967. Including a high time availability of 280 variety stores, SCP recently made a record in the US, by crossing the sales over 1.5$ Billion, in the recent year, which was the second highest sale volume of a USA mall.

05 The Grove:


You would love to know that Groove is actually situated in the proper area of Los Angles. This complex entertainment shopping mall is basically owned and operated by Rick J. Caruso & Company and it states to provide the most featured facilities to the citizens of USA.

06 Aventura Mall:


How can we forget the glamorous beauty of Miami while preparing the best USA mall list! AM was actually erected in the year of 1983 and after getting the lead in timelines, its stands with a 25000 Square Meter of the area including 300+ awesome stores in it. If you come to Florida anytime, then you must go here for once at least.

07 Sawgrass Mills:


Taking a huge area of 22147 Square Meter, in the main belt of Florida, Sunrise Sawgrass Mills is a highly popular mall in America which attracts a lot of Americans to visit it. SM has 350+ stores, and this is not a very easy number of stores to maintain. So easily when you come to SM you are going to face a lot of facilities and opportunities with varieties of brands. Sawgrass Mills was established in the year of 1990, and still streaming in the market remaining in the top list of malls.

08 Del Amo Fashion Centre:


This 1961 mall has one of the most luxurious services in it, which features a lot of brands and renowned companies to provide the best products. DAFC is properly situated at the base of Los Angeles and has more than 200+ stores to attract the people. Including the restaurants and all, DAFC can be placed in the four number of our list.

09 The King of Prussia Mall:


This is an outstanding place for shopping and has one of the fascinating infrastructures for the citizens which were set up in 1963. KP is actually based on Pennsylvania and covers a huge area around 270000 Square Meter. Having one of the highest numbers of stores in the world which is 450+, King of Prussia can be placed in the second position of our list.

10 Mall Of America:


This one is really an unbeatable one, which is streaming in the first position of best mall lists in an international manner. Including a 520+ stores facilities, MA takes a huge area around 452000-meter square which is greater than any other mall in our list. Mall of America was established in 1992, and just in these 24 years, this has become an unbeatable marketplace for many of the international brands. Minnesota is the proper location of MA and anybody can go the mall.


In our list, we have maintained an ascending order of best USA malls. All the info and data regarding the list are taken from valid sources and they are very much review/feedback oriented. Endorsing or publishing any malls or brands is not our motto our lust is only knowledge oriented and for work purpose.