Top 10 love songs that will paint the town in red

Love is a special feeling and music adds a dash of romance to it. Be it the feeling of first love or romancing through eternal love, songs make the whole thing come to life with the sound of music, lyrics and expression. Romance and Love is incomplete without songs beating our hearts and with so many love songs, some tend to stay with us forever as a sign our love journey. Few songs melt our heart with their beats while some touch our soul with their words. Here are the best love songs we cannot miss on.

1. Adore You by Miley Cyrus

This song is a perfect for all the pretty ladies wanting to paint the town in red because it shows the pleasure of falling in love and feel the depth of the feeling. The wonderful heart melting song is sung by Miley Cyrus and can be categorised as one of the best love song for him.

2. You are Still the One by Shania Twain

This song signifies eternal love and the beautiful lyrics makes you fall in love with the song all over again. The lyrics symbolise how strong and deep are your love and despite everything the person you love is still the one and only one. It was a major hit and one of the best love songs ever sung. It is so far one of the best romantic songs of all times.

3. Treasure by Bruno Bars

Here comes another one from romantic singer who sang –“Just the way you are” and treasure is a romantic number that will compel you to put the song on repeat mode. It is a beautiful love song that is cherished among lovers and is a great number to dedicate to the women you love.

4. Hold On, We are going home by Drake featuring Majid Jordan

It is one of the best romantic tracks of 2016 and with the classic vocals by drake and Majid Jordan, the impact of love and romance grows. It is a romantic and emotional song that will touch the deepest chords of your heart and feel love is in air while listening to it.

5. Beautiful by Mariah Carey

Beautiful by Mariah Carey also featuring Miguel is a powerful love song that rings the bells of your heart and makes you feel complete. It shows what loves is and the real beauty of falling in love with lot of emotions pouring out of your heart. If you are in love you sure will listen to this song many times.

6. Story of my Life by One Direction

The teenage heartthrobs have fans all over the world and with their romantic number Story of my life; they gained more with the love pouring through their lyrics. The song is all about love, the feeling and how is it to fall in love and be there for the person you love.

7. Let her Go by Passenger

It is seriously a personal favourite of many and is all about realising what it is to lose someone because you took them for granted. “Only know you love when you let her go” is the most intriguing lines because the song teaches you to realise the importance of people who love you and not to take them for granted.

8. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

It is not only a love song but very emotional that connects you to your lover in the perfect way. Love is a feeling that cannot be expressed by many but only felt and Justin Timberlake has done a brilliant job in explaining it. It is  a beautiful song with depiction of what true love means.

9. Xo by Beyonce

Beyonce is one of the greatest singers and is known for many of her romantic numbers and her deep voice. The song connects you to the present day situation and is perfect for new generation lovers who are entangled with so many feelings. The words and music in the song is beautiful and is one of the best love song for him.

10. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

The song is beautiful in all ways right from the music, lyrics and video and still reigns to be one of the favourite love songs in everyone’s list. The song takes you into a journey with your lover about falling and rising in love and being for each other. It has created a milestone and is one of the best love songs for him and her.

The world always falls for love and romance that makes the romantic number biggest hits of the year but these 10 songs have stolen hearts of many. With such romantic tracks singing across your ears it is hard that you escape the beautiful feeling of falling in love.