Top 10 Major Achievement of George Washington

us presidentGeorge Washington is the building bone behind the establishment of U.S. who lead the country both militarily and politically in the American Revolution and then became the first President of United States.  Top ten major achievements of George Washington will reveal that why he was referred as “Father of his country”.  

1. Washington- The commander-in-chief of the Continental Army in the American Revolution

In 1775, when American Revolutionary War broke out, Congress appointed George Washington commander-in-chief of the Continental Army. He made a successful victory for the Congress in that war and raised his name to the glory. His instrumental role gave strength to the Congress to build their presence in America.

2. Washington got U.S. to victory American Revolutionary War

Washington actively led against British forces in 1775 – 77 and then again in 1781. Although he lost battles but never surrendered. In 1781, Along with French army led by Comte de Rochambeau, he defeated British army which was commanded by Lord Cornwallis at the Battle of Yorktown. It was the last major battle land of American Revolutionary War which forced the British government to discuss an end of the war. It was one of the biggest achievements of George Washington.

3. Washington was true leader

When peace negotiations began in 1782 and on September 3, USA was given freedom and independence after signing Treaty of Paris, Washington resigned from the post of Commander-in-chief and returned to cultivate his lands. This made him severely popular in the eyes of historians and they compared him with a Roman aristocrat and statesman Cincinnatus, who served Rome in its crisis.

4. George Washington- First President of the United States

He became the first President of the USA in 1789 and got 100 percent of the electoral votes. His record has never been broken. He was re-elected in the 1792 election for the second time but refused for the third time.

5. Washington established different government forms is still alive today

Soon after become President, Washington focused on building the federal judiciary. With the Judiciary Act of 1789, he made a six-member Supreme Court with one Chief Justice and five Associate Justices. He completes reformed the judicial structure of the USA.

6. George Washington censored the Whiskey Rebellion

In 1791, he applied a tax to all distilled spirits in order to generate revenue for clearing debt. In the meantime, whiskey was targeted as it has the major sale.

7. Jay’s Treaty- Built a strong relationship with Britain

Jay’s Treaty was one of the biggest achievements of Washington in which Great Britain agreed to vacate the western forts in America and in return U.S. gave them most favored nation trading status. It was one of the biggest achievements of George Washington.

8. Washington’s Proclamation of Neutrality protected U.S. from war in Europe

It was the day April 22, 1793, when Washington issued the Proclamation of Neutrality  stating that the United States is neutral in the war between Great Britain and France during French Revolution. The proclamation not only brought preserving of America’s trade but also protected U.S. from further harms.

9. Washington established the United States Navy

What we see the strength and structure of American Navy are all due to the efforts of Washington. During the war with France and Great Britain, a number of American ships were captured, goods tripped and everyone enslaved, then Washington signed the Naval act of 1974 to form a permanent naval force of America. It was one of the biggest achievements of George Washington.

10. Washington’s farewell address to American People- A Historical Moment

His farewell was one the heartiest and graceful events for a U.S. President ever as after serving for 20 years to his nation, George Washington gave a Farewell Address to the American people. He issued a public letter in 1796 which remained one of the most significant statements of American political values ever.

Conclusion– In this blog, you come to know about ten major achievements of George Washington which he served to the American public for continuous 20 years. His every step was statically approved and proved a worth for America from today’s scenario. His every act was appreciable.