Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Actresses

Like Hollywood and Bollywood, the Chinese film industry, Chinawood, is also a hub of world’s sexiest and hottest actresses. They are similarly beautiful and sexy with quite a curvaceous well-trimmed body. If you are really keen to know the name then let’s have a look:

1. Li Bingbing

Even at the age of 43, this actress is still ahead of several young stars in term of her fan following and sexy figure. After starting her career in 1994, she never looked back and bagged several movies and TV shows in her kitty. She is also known for her award-winning journey of Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress etc.

2. Liu Yifei

She is one of the 10 sexiest and hottest Actresses of Chinawood. Along with several local and international movie projects, she got the fame worldwide with the film the Forbidden Kingdom where her role was parallel to the well-known actor Jackie Chan. Her TV shows like the Return of the Condor Heroes also gained quite great public acceptance.

3. Zhang Xin Yu

The sexy model is a great actress and singer. She is well known for movie projects like If You Are The One 2, Summer Love Love and The Investiture of Gods. Her slinky figure definitely deserves to be on the front page of magazines.

4. Zhang Ziyi

She is one of the 10 sexiest and hottest Actresses of Chinawood along with her great acting skills which she has proved through numerous movie projects. One of her unforgettable role Memoirs of a Geisha. Also, her uncounted Hollywood projects helped her getting international fame. Some of them are Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, TMNT. Several endorsements are also on her list. Because of all these

5. Gong Li

She might still be in your memories as one of the most beautiful and attractive Geisha in the movie the Memoirs of a Geisha. But not in movie only, she is the most beautiful and popular actress of China in reality as well. She is much more in people’s memory because of her award winning movies Raise the Red Lantern, The Story of Qiu Ju, Breaking the Silence and Curse of the Golden Flower as well as her international projects like Hannibal Rising and Miami Vice.

6. Fan Bingbing

She is more popular in Chinawood rather than international movies. Some of her good movies are The Matrimony (2007) and Flash Point (2007), Double Xposure and a lot more. She has also bagged several awards from Forbes magazine

7. Zhang Yuqi

Her career took a new high after she got the chance to work in the m9ovie CJ7 back in 2007 with director Stephen Chow. Earlier she got fame with KFC advertisements. Not only for acting but this Chinese model’s curvaceous body and incomparable beauty can be viewed on the cover page of Elle magazine.

8. Barbie Hsu

She was first spotted as Shan Cai in 2001 in the drama series Meteor Garden. The actress got much more appreciation for maintaining her figure fabulously even after the birth of her first child.

9. Gao Yuanyuan

The beautiful actress has got fame from the movies Spring Subway, Love in the City, City of Life and Death, A Season of Good Rain, Romancing in Thin Air, Blind Detective, and her latest venture Let’s Get Married. Her innocent smile and well-trimmed body shape are enough to get a place in the List of 10 sexiest and hottest Actresses of Chinawood

10. Cecilia Cheung

The actress is well known for her hottest and sexiest look. Cecilia Cheung also is known for several good movies including King of Comedy with Stephen Chow.


Above list of Chinese female celebrities is just a few out of a big pond of skill set, beauty and talent. The Chinese film industry is at its boom and alongside the actresses are also doing quite well not only in their own country but in intentional projects as well