Top 10 Most Leading Air Conditioner Brands in the World

Finding for a better air conditioner in the summer times do become our most important headache, because most people doesn’t consider any product without judging minutely. While we judge each and every product minutely then it becomes very difficult to consider the best one.

We care about your concerns, on selecting an expensive product, so here; we made this matter quite easy for you. Here we enlisted some of the best air conditioner brands of India. It will be best for you to take a look at the article and pick your preferable one.

10. Samsung


Being one of the best international companies, this South Korean brand offers you the most efficient AC in India in a price range of 20000K to 70000K. Featuring the Optimal Single Blade, Tropicalized Compressor, Smart Saver, Digital Temperature Display, lots of Automatic functions, and even with Anti-Bacterial Filter, the Samsung assures the optimum quality level for all time.

9. Hitachi


Hitachi is one of the oldest & trustworthy brands in the international market. This Tokyo, Japanese company comes with a price level of 25000K to 70000K, with a lot of models. Good looking, well-designed and features like Auto Power Saving, Fan Speed Customization, Filter Clean Indicator, Timer Customization all are available in Hitachi.

8. Blue Star


Blue Star is also a great option for considering the best AC in India. This brand has acclaimed to provide the level best air conditioners overseas and the price range is also good. Starting from 22000K Blue Star ends with an approximate price of 120000 K for ACs. Including all the basic features of an efficient AC, Blue star special series also offers you Turbo Cooling, Blow Button, Fan Direction Controlling, Memory Backup, and also an Anti-Freeze Thermostat.

7. Voltas


Voltas is also a well-known brand in the Indian supermarket which is own by the TATA Group. In a few year of launching this brand has become one of the best brands of India. Voltas stands with a price range of 22000K to 55000 K. So the top series of Voltas is afforded to the maximum of people. Featuring a lot of functions Voltas also provides you with a well-designed interface.

6. Whirlpool


We all are aware of this Michigan-based international appliance brand. Being one of the best brands in India Whirlpool comes at a price range of 32000K to 55000K where in such a pricing you also getting great features and attractive designing. These ACs are comfortable and trustworthy for the long time commitment.

5. O General


O General is Japanese & Dubai based brand which has been founded in the year 2000. In these 16 years of business O General has gained the consumers trust and become the best AC brand of India. Starting with a price level of 25000 K O general offers you up to 60000K of AC. Including all the basic AC features this also has some special features which are not gradually present in other brands. This is basically available online, but you may find it in stores.

4. LG


This most successful South Korean brand ensures you the top quality appliances. In terms of LG, this stands in a price range from a little bit lower, which 18000K to 78000 K. Assuring the best AC in India it provides you lots of internal functions and also an attractive looking with decent color options. Middle-class people can easily commit with LG, because as like the budgets the products are also long lasting.

3. Videocon


Hope all the Indians have heard about this brand! Day by day, Videocon is becoming more successful and efficient in the supermarket. The Videocon best Indian air conditioners come at a price range of 20000K to 68000K. Including all the basic features, this ACs has Antifungal, Auto Restart, Sleep Mode, and Bacteria Controlling features.

2. Haier


Haier is a Chinese MNC company which is really doing well in the Indian market. Starting from a range of 18000K Haier offers you ACs up to 45000 K. Comparing to other mentioned brands this is quite a cheaper option and good for tight budget peoples. Features like 3D cooling, Swing, Anti Bacterial and with lots of models this is a good product.

1. Daikin


Daikin is a Japanese brand which is greatly successful in the Indian market and it provides you ACs with most developed technology and better features. With a price range of 18000K to 50000K Daikin ACs provides quality models for daily using. If you are finding for maximum features in an affordable budget then you can easily commit with trustworthy brand Daikin.