Top 10 Most Popular Bubble Gum Brands in the world

A countless number of brands are streaming for selling bubble gums, but very rare of them are getting produced with good ingredients and better gumming flexibility. Chewing gums become helpful for the reason of tastiness and the oral refreshment. Besides this such gums can also be beneficial for our health and oral hygiene. But for getting all that benefits from a chewing gum, you have to select the perfect brand of it.

Here in the below list, we have enlisted the best Chewing Gum Brands of the world, that you can easily select your option and taste it. These are the best selling gum brands and highly tasty, so for choosing a good chewing gum you can go with anyone of them.

01. Orbit Brand:


Orbit is especially a teeth whitening gum, which also has a better taste and getting prepared very refreshing elements. Becoming the world’s largest selling brand, Orbit has great revenue and since 1994, it’s still leading the supermarket. Variants with different flavors are here, and these all tests and smells different. This gum is approved by many dental and oral medical associations, and besides the taste, oral improvement is its main motto.

02. Trident Brand:


Trident is actually the first brand, which represented sugar-free gums. This Kraft Food Company product has already reached a 375.5$ million of revenue in this year and has taken the second position in selling gums. Containing several fortifications, vitamin ingredients, refreshments mints, this sugar-free product is ruling in people’s heart.

03. Juicy Fruit Brand:


Juicy Fruit is one of the most successful gum brands which were introduced in 1893 in the USA. Including a lot of flavors, and for enriching them with the most delicious tastes, Juicy Fruit comes in the 3rd number of our list. Besides the taste and coloring, Juicy Fruit is also well optimized for the hygiene.

04. Dubble Bubble Brand:


Dubble Bubble actually produces pink colored gums, which are highly attractive in looking and smelling. Dubble Bubble got the publication on 1928, and after applying a lot of recipes towards the consumers, it gets established to a renowned company for several years. These guys have high calories, about 70%, and 0% fat. So people in sports and athletics can easily take it.

05. Stride Brand:


Stride is quite exceptional from the above stuff, and it lasts for a long time. This sugar-free gum is made of Cadbury, vitamins, calories and several other healthy ingredients. Stride came into the market before a long time ago, and because some of its extraordinary qualities it’s still streaming with a 250.5$ Million of revenue in the supermarket. This gum has a lining called Stride Spark, which contains Vitamins like B6 & B12 which are really good for health

06. Hubba Bubba Brand:


Hubba Bubba is an Australian international brand which originally produced by Wm. Wrigley Jr. the Company, and produces the most efficient gums all over the world. Hubba Bubba has a great consumer feedback and people of developed countries generally prefer this gum. This brand ensures a healthy chewing gum with awesome taste and even with great packaging.

07. Extra Brand:


Extra in a unique brand with an attractive concept! Here you will get a lot of flavors, with a lot of specified colors, and all these guys are sticky, flat and long. Flavor and color mixing is the main ability of EXTRA, and this also comes with quality ingredients. But EXTRA is not available in all the courtiers besides some developed courtiers.

08. 5 Gum Brand:


This best Wrigley Company brand comes with 24 different kinds of flavors & with different colors. 5 guys only can be borrowed with a set of 5 pieces. 5 is not a very old brand but now it’s available in most of the countries. This top gum brand provides a very classy taste with a lot of healthy ingredients.

09. Ice Breaks Ice Cubes Brand:


This brand can be termed as a kind of chillness and refreshment. IBIC was founded in UAS and providing the quality candies and gums, since a long time. This is now one of the healthy & successful chewing gum brands in the world. Differentiation with designing, testing, flavoring, and packaging, makes IBIC a better one to prefer. Its refreshment quality is so up to ask that you can’t ignore it.

10. Chiclets Brand:


Chiclets is a very old gum brand, and this releases all the colors in its products. There are very few colors, which you will not get in the gums of Chiclets. Sweet, tasty, attractive flavors, natural element mixing, international designing and better stuffing makes Chiclets one of the most efficient gum brands in the world.

All these gum brands are international and approachable for everyone. There are no hygiene issues, that people will get affected by these gums. There is no any numeric order and all are preferable to using. People can go with their choices with the selection of gum brands and for any good or bad results, our site will not be responsible.



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