Top 10 Most Popular Selling Liquor (Alcohol) Brands in India

India has some better choices of Liquor brands in the country that are renowned Indian makers as well as international brands that have been up with the best in the world. Though India has a quite popular trend in liquor choices, the recent years has brought up some of the better brands of Liquor up the list. In this post, we have tried to get those special brands that have proved time and again to be the best in the country.

1. McDowell’s No.1 Reserve

McDowell’s No.1 McDowell’s No.1 is the top choice of whisky in the country owned by United Breweries Group based primarily in Bangalore. Launched in 1968, the brand has expanded over the decades with a handful of variants that are blended into perfection to suit Indian Summers. Truly a class that has been the favorite of the elite and those who prefer the exquisite Indian touch of McDowels.

2. Kingfisher

One of the most popular and preferred Liquor brands in India from United Beverages Group, the brand has been one of the best in the country with variants of Kingfisher Blue, Strong, Premium and Lager along with the classic malt variants that have been around as the best in India. Kingfisher is also amongst the most renowned brands in the country with presence as the most recognized brands in India.

3. Royal Stag

Royal Stag Royal Stag has the French heritage belonging to Pernod Ricard and was launched in 1995 across the country. Acclaimed as natural and with no added flavors, Royal Stag has been one of the finest blends of Indian spirits from grains and imported Scotch malts to refine an exquisite taste. However, apart from India, Royal Stag is also amongst the most preferred choices internationally with the brand making into top 100 of the liquor brands worldwide.

4. Officer’s Choice

Officer’s Choice belongs to the Allied Blenders and Distillers and manufactured by blending the class of Indian Malt Spirits and a touch of selected Indian neutral spirits. By far, Officer’s choice has been one of the finest brands in the country with the elite class of choices in India. The brand also has the finest of texture with an exclusive malt of flavors that are truly been an experience in the country.

5. Hennessey

Hennessy One of the originals and the classics of Indian choice from the lot. Hennessey has proved to be a truly a distinctive class of Brandy all around the world and has equally been a total stuff in India. A distinctive class of blended ecstasy, the cognac is a perfection that has been one amongst the best in the country for a very long time with total selections in blended brandies and Whiskies.

6. Haywards Fine

Haywards is yet another subsidiary brand of the United Breweries Group, and has been one of the fastest growing products in the economic choices of whiskeys in the country. The brand has also been a very popular choice recently with the Middle East and in certain African markets. The growth is believed to be up in most of the other countries in the near future as the brand has already been introduced into the European Markets recently.

7. 8 PM

8 PM is owned by Radico Khaitan formerly popular as Rampur Distillery & Chemical Company Ltd launched in 1999. 8 PM is also amongst the most popular choices in Scotch whisky in India, and also listed as one of the best brands of Scotch whisky in the international markets

8. Director’s Special

Director’s Special is one of top selling whiskies from the United Breweries Group owned by Vijay Mallya initially manufactured by Shaw Wallace that was later acquired by Shaw Wallace in 2005. With a legacy that spans over three decades since 1988, Director’s Special Black is distilled from fermented molasses and is one of the kinds of classics in the premium whiskies in India.

9. Heineken

Heineken is undoubtedly, the top brand of Beers in the world. And reasonably, Heineken has been the better choices in Beers in India with variants that include lager with 5% alcohol and few of lighter choices. Though Heineken has been one of the finest brands of beer since 1873 and manufactured by a Dutch company made from barley malts, purified water, yeast, and hops, the brand has only recently caught pace in the Indian Markets.

10. Carlsberg

Carlsberg is a recent entrant into the Indian Markets in alcohol brands, and since the long prolific history, since 1847 has made Carlsberg one of the better choices in the Indian Markets. Based in Denmark, the company also manufactures the popular beer brand of Tuborg.

Though, best Alcohol brands in India have been Beers and Whiskies have as popular choices for Indians, with Brandies being suited for special references. With an overall stand, Indian Brands remain as the most dominating choices, as compared to international brands with exceptions in choices in Whisky and Brandy.