Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians of the World

Obviously, evaluating the influence of few biggest players in the field of Business politics, entertainment, and tech, economic power control over states etc. is not an easy job. And when it comes to the world leaders, the task is much more difficult. But still if we have to enlist Top 10 Most Powerful People of the World, we may conclude as per below list:

1. Barack Obama

Top 10 Most Powerful People of the World

The Leader of largest economy, US President Barack Obama is one of the World’s Top 10 Current Powerful Politicians. During his tenure, the GDP of US grown up by $3 to $17.4 trillion and employment rate has also gone up remarkably after the recession.

2. Angela Merkel

 World's Top 10 Current Powerful Politicians

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, has become indispensable not only for Germany but for Europe as well. She has aggressively worked for a strong economy and eradication of unemployment after facing the world’s worst recession. She also worked to keep the euro zone together during the financial breakdown.

3. Vladimir Putin

most powerful leaders in the world

He is the President of Russia from 2012 and during his first presidency that is in between 2000 to 2008, the growth rate of Russia was consistently on a higher side. His wise economic and fiscal policies were the reason behind such a great GDP growth.

4. Narendra Modi

most powerful Politicians in the World 2016

Successfully completed the 2 years of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Damodardas Modi, Age 65, after winning the full majority in MP elections in 2014 is one of the most powerful leaders in the world. His growth plans and plans for improvising the Indian citizen’s life have started showing its impact.

5. Shinzo Abe


Shinzo Abe after his successful completion of 3 years in second prime Ministerial term, he is still in continuation of draughting bold growth plans for his country. Japan has always been the leader in the technology field. The technological innovations added a lot to the world’s economy along with to their own country.

6. Xi Jinping


President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, is well known for his quite substantial and disputed anticorruption campaign which resulted in locking up several people including some high party official (some of his enemy party official) for the lifetime. In his leadership, China’s economic growth reported all-time high and become one of the elite economies of the world. He has been considered at the top in the list of the most powerful leaders in the world.

7. Francois Hollande


The tenure of France President, Francois Hollande, experienced all the difficulties, a county leader can think of. Starting from the series of terror attacks in Paris from stepping ahead to fight against the ISIS. But despite all difficulties and disapprovals, he continued to work on country’s social reform policies including the extension of retirement age of the private workers.

8. Park Geun-Hye


Park Geun-Hye, South Korean President, is the first female leader of the country, specifically, when the country is world fame in gender inequality; she accomplished all her duties and responsibilities in quite an impressive way. The mandate for her selection is considered one of the country’s highest approval rates in 15 years.

9. Dilma Rousseff


The first female Brazilian president and the leader of the largest Latin American country, Dilma Rousseff, is well recognised for her extreme poverty eradication planning and almost successful by fixing monthly steepened for starving families.

10. Pope Francis


The world’s most accepted Pope of Catholic faith, Pope Francis, is known for his progressive thought on public issues. While addressing a US congress recently, he said to lawmakers to empathise with immigrants and refugees and allow them to enter the country.

Above is the list of few most powerful Politicians in the World 2016. They all have influenced their countries as well as the world with their progressive thoughts and actions. They all are working for the development and progress of mankind.