Top 10 Most Searched Beautiful Flowers in the World

1. Lily of the Valley


The term spring comes in mind and it brings the thought of Lily flower along with. It is one of the most beautiful flowers amongst all. There is a very interesting tale behind the origin of this pretty flower and that is from Christian legend. As per this, Mary shed tears on the cross, which gets turned into lilies. It is a very delicate blossom having a pleasant fragrance.

2. Plumeria


It is most famous for its sweet smell. Plumeria is a white flower with a yellow hint and the attraction about this wonderful flower is its indescribable smell. One remains in awe of its scent and thus gets again and again drawn towards the flower.

3. White Lotus


White Lotus is not found worldwide, but its presence is limited to the East Africa and Southeast Asia. It is mainly a pond plant, which floats over the water with its lily pads adjourned with the pond surface. But, its beauty has attracted people to have it in their aquariums also. So, it could also be found in aquariums.

4. Tulip


The blossom Tulip got recognition to almost all across the globe as a beautiful flower. This is because of its availability and cultivation to broader global regions. From Africa, Asia to Southern Europe, its presence could be found. It is a fresh cut flowering plant and people place it in pots.

5. Rose


Where ever romance is there, the flower Rose gets spotted automatically. Most of the proposals are done with the rose flower in hand. It has been found in many of colors and each has their very own significance. The yellow color rose stands for the friendship, red for romance, pink for asking for a proposal but ready for even being friend and so on.

6. Bleeding Heart


This one from the beautiful flowers is termed with a very distinct name Bleeding heart. It is a fairy like an unusual blossom and has a traditional presence in shady gardens. It has been found in several pretty colors as white, pink, red. The general appearance of this has been in April to June months.

7. Proteas


Most of the natural creations show us some meaning or we can say has some symbolic meaning with them. Especially flowers tell us some kind of story. Few about tenderness, some says about beauty and so on. Proteas is a unique natural creation, which symbolizes for transformation, strength, courage and diversity. It is one of the oldest blossoms found until this time and has its ascent from 300 million years back.

8. Bird of paradise


One can imagine the beauty of flower without scent, but still popular as others. Here, there is one named Bird of paradise. It is a distinctly named as per it is vibrant and multicolored flowers with typical bird-like shape. Its variant colors add an exotic beauty to its look and make one of the beautiful flowers in the world.

9. Lavenders


The flower lavender beauty comes from its aggregated multiple florets with beautiful stems. An add-on beauty is a variety of colors as blue, violet and purple. This flower is the best representation of purity, luck, and silence. People consider a fact that if it is presented to someone then that person gets wealth wisdom and luck.

10. Magnolia


No petals, but still as beautiful as others. Yes, this is the story of Magnolia. This flower doesn’t have petals, but instead of that have tepals, which are lead like structures. The distinct structure makes it more attractive. Many of colors are available in this flower and each of these has its own meaning.

Conclusion: Flowers are the most beautiful creation which gives us a pleasant feeling whenever we look at those. The above-mentioned names are few of the most beautiful flowers in the world, which are loved by the people and cultivated in their personal gardens.