Top 10 Most Trusted American Toothpaste Brands 2016-2017

If you live in America or love to use American products then this collection will surly make you smile. This post is related to top American toothpaste brands. Hope we have listed you favorite brand in this post.

Keeping your breathing fresh, make the mouth odour free and so as the great your smile should be being the first few things we expect from our toothpaste. But have you ever thought whether these are safe to use or not? If not then, give a second thought of using the one which is currently lying in your washroom. There are companies which promise to provide the best brands to you, but all of them are not safe. Few of the best natural Toothpaste brands are mentioned below:

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1. David’s

Premium Natural Toothpaste


This American toothpaste brand is got 1st position in this collection. California made this brand is the most trusted one and it the favourite of all family members. The fluoride and sulphate free toothpaste and having no added artificial sweetener and colour tastes great.

2. Earthpaste Lemon Twist

Amazingly Natural Toothpaste


This American toothpaste is very famous among American families. There are families which usually do not like mint flavoured toothpaste and this brand is a blessing for them. The non-minty lemon flavoured toothpaste is made up of food grade Redmond Clay and flavoured with essential oils.

3. Tooth & Gums Paste

Professional Strength Formula


This American toothpaste Manufactured by Dental Herb Company, this one is a great solution to cure gum inflammation along with providing fresh mouth odour. The antibacterial property helps in fighting galaxy of germs which causes gum problems. The synthetic fluoride, and sulphates free toothpaste are only for adults because of its stringent flavour and taste.

4. Tom’s of Maine

Antiplaque & Whitening


This American toothpaste brand is specifically created for the kids (the under 7 crowd). The natural strawberry flavour and no fluoride make it safe for children’s use. This brand is also dye free. Tom’s of Maine manufacturing is being run by the same people who are tirelessly trying to set a green industry standard since 1970. Tom’s of Maine is one of the admired American toothpaste brands.

5. Colgate

Cavity Protection toothpaste brand


This toothpaste brand has been for many years in America and is still admired by consumers for whitening teeth, strengthening the enamel of teeth and freshness to the breath.

6. Crest

Pro-Health toothpaste


This is another American toothpaste brand which proffers a broad assortment of reasons, including whitening of teeth, protection from tartar build-up and specifically flavoured for the children. Crest is one of most recognised and preferred American toothpaste brands.

7. Sensodyne

Toothpaste brand for Sensitive Teeth & Cavity Prevention


This toothpaste is famous and trusted by American people for a sensitivity of teeth. Sensodyne is made to reduce the pain linked with tooth sensitivity. It also has whitening capabilities, and it protects tooth enamel both for adults and children.

8. Arm & Hammer

Breath Freshing


Arm & Hammer is a natural American toothpaste brand as it utilises baking soda as a natural ingredient helping in whitening of teeth. This company also manufactures whitening toothpaste which makes teeth stronger.

9. Close-Up

Deep Action


This brand is recognised for an inclusion of mouthwash ingredients. This toothpaste is made to prevent cavities, whiten teeth and get freshness in the breath. Maximum American families like this brand.

10.  Aim

Cavity Protection


This toothpaste brand proffers gel toothpaste which helps in controlling the tartar formation. This toothpaste also aids in preventing cavities.

Conclusion: These are some most used American Toothpaste brands which are safe to use and made of natural ingredients. There packaging is eco-friendly. The natural ingredients in it are ideal to keep your teeth clean without damaging them.

Deferentially, you love this collection of American toothpaste brands. If you want to give any suggestion or add your other brand of toothpaste here, just drop your suggestion in below comment section.

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