Top 10 Most Unique and Beautiful Ear Piercing Ideas

We are living in the era where everyone tries to experiment when it comes to the fashion. Be it a celebrity or a common lady, all of them wants to do something unusual and different which has not been a trend. From Green Hair to Blue Dress and from Nose Piercing to Ear Piercing all are included in the mantras of Fashion. Wonder is only, how many types do you know to evoke your personality. Ear piercing is as fabulous and attracting like other fashion trends. Top 10 ear piercing types are available here.

01. Graduated Helix and Rook Piercing

This form offers the ultimate quotient of style and also gives a person liberty to choose the appeal as desired. One can choose the direction of multiple piercing spots and also the number of these too. All spots are ad-jointed gracefully with the piece of earring to give a graduated helix look.

02. Ear Weaving Piercing

Yes, as the name suggests, weaving, in this the ear gets pierced at multiple spots. All the spots are connected with the aid of single jewelry, which gives a heavy look to the ear accessory. In any party, one can flaunt this beautifully.

03. Daith Piercing

One of the most painful looking piercing process, but truth is different than this. It is way simpler than it looks. One gets to have a perforation in the cartilage fold and that too in its innermost zone. It simply adds beauty to the look.

04. Transverse Lobe Piercing

Transverse Lobe Piercing is another eye catching and edgy looking piercing. In this one, the ear lobe gets pierced in a horizontal way with an angle and a ring form of earring has been passed through the perforations. One can avail this piercing at any expert studio and the best way to have it is with the aid of barbell.

05. Auricle Piercing

This one looks more pretty and beautiful. It suits all sorts of look, either Indian or western persona. One only needs to have a piercing performed at a middle portion of the outer rim of the ear. It is a bit painful, as the outer rim is full of nerves, so needed an extra care and precaution while getting this.

06. Industrial Piercing

Industrial Piercing is a dramatic form of piercing, where the most suited style of earring chosen by women is an arrow or something similar like this. It is one of the coolest forms of piercing. In this, the upper cartilage has been pierced at two spots and a wire is inserted in both the points. This gives an outstanding and edgy look to your look.

07. Snug Piercing

It is one sort of helix piercing. In the inner portion of ear counterpart, the adjacent piercing is performed in this one. Girls are in love with this as they can opt for hanging style earrings or even plain stud looks gorgeous.

08. Triple Forward Helix Piercing

Alike to typical Helix piercings, the triple forward helix, what the name advocates, includes three characteristic piercings in the region of ear cartilage. It is also referred as ‘forward helix piercing’ when people prefer more or less than three piercings, this scrupulous way of piercing is called to be somewhat painful when done on the same day.

09. Graduated Lobe Piercing

Multiple piercing is the new fashion trend replacing a single piercing type. When you are having a graduated lobe piercing, be sure you are having multiple piercing of different sizes placed in an ascending order comprising smallest to the largest. Basically, the largest of all sizes is pierced in such a fashion which is inserted in the ear lobe. Rest of piercings is made into the Helix and similar to the Conch piercing.

10. Conch piercing

Conch piercing is done at the center of the ear employing a huge gauge needle for piercing the ears. It is one among the most known and renowned ear piercing types. There are 2 types of piercing, one is inner and another is the outer piercings. It offers a fashionable side view and especially to the females. The type of piercing is preferred and loved by females who are aged more than 30.


The blog includes top 10 most versatile and attractive kinds of ear piercing. The process is although painful, but women take every pain inside their body for carrying the latest fashion trends. From graduate to helix, all piercing types are fabulous and attractive to watch.