Top 10 Powerful Kids in the World

1. Prince George of Cambridge


Born on July 22, 2013, this 2-year-old boy is a member of the royal family in the United Kingdom which shows his immense power. He is the first child of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine “Kate” Middleton; an ordinary but gorgeous woman. This boy is in the top of the list of most powerful kids in the world and powerfully grabs the first position.

2. Matilda Rose Ledger


Born on October 28, 2005, in NYC, New York, Matilda Rose Ledger is just a ten-year-old girl. The credit of being most powerful kids in the world goes to the parents for their worldwide fame. What left after to be famous, when your father is late Australian actor and director and mother is Michelle Williams, a world recognized Hollywood actor.

3. Margaret Laura Hager


What power means for a person could easily be understood by this one of the most powerful kids. She comes from the family background, where her grandparent is former US President, George Bush. Her mother is Jenna Bush Hager, a well-known American journalist, teacher, and author. Apart from this, she has a rich businessman father Henry Hager. Margaret is popularly known as Mila and her birthday falls on April 13, 2013.

4. Kelly Xu


The story of Kelly Xu is different than that of those powerful kids, who gained popularity from their parent’s fame. She got recognition on her own. She is a pretty girl who is a golf champion and has the title of 9-and under Division Grand Champion. The award is won by her in Championship held at Augusta National.

5. Krishna Thea Lakshmi


A baby of Indian-American celebrity mother Padma Lakshmi got a world attention from a very young age. She is just 2 year old but undoubtedly has made her entry in this list of Top 10 powerful kids.

6. Evan of EvanTubeHD


Evan is a wonder child who got fame unwillingly. A general uploading of a video accessing his favorite toys and games along with his father has made him a superstar of Youtube. He got millions of views for his videos in a mere time and has already made worth more than USD2 million.

7. Benji Brin


Who is not aware of Google search engine, every one of us must be. So, here, let you introduce you to the son of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Benji Brin. Do, an anymore introduction is needed to cite for understanding the fame of this by a birth rich kid. His power and the worthy story didn’t stop here only, his mother Anne Wojcicki is a founder of 23 and Me.

8. Leonor, Princess of Asturias


Coming from a royal family is itself a notable thing of anyone’s personality. Above all of this, if one is the daughter of prince and princess and so a future princess then that’s like having cherry over cake. Leonar got born in 2005, 31st October in the royal family. She is the eldest daughter of Princess and Prince of Austrias. Her power comes from the fact that she is the official Princess of Austrias since 19th June 2014 after the accession of her father.

9. Alexis Martin


Let’s surprise you with something astonishing as you have never imagined before. Alexis Martin is a three-year-old kid, who got a high esteemed entry in IQ society Mensa. She has scored 160 points in the IQ test, which is same as that gained by the Nicolaus Copernicus, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking. She is the student of 5th grade and the wonder is she studies with iPad.

10. Quvenzhané Wallis


Quvenzhané Wallis was born in 2003, August 28 in America. She made her presence in the world cinema from a very young age. She is not only an actor but a singer too. Just at the 9-year-old age, she got a nomination for the Best Actress in a leading role category in Academy Awards. She is a sure entrant in the list of most power kids in the world.

Conclusion: The above list gives you a glimpse of an interesting popularity of kids, who gained it in an age when most of us are even not much aware of our own self and life. Some of them have inherited from their parents, but some are also who created this inspirational story of their by their own efforts.