Top 10 Richest Athletes around the World

There are lots of people who think that athletes don’t have as much bank balance as film star haves. In case, if we judge this by an analytical way, then may film stars are more financially better than a lot of athletes. But those athletics which are going to be described in today’s top 10 rich list they are far beyond of many of the film stars and other celebrities. So friends here are the most awaited list of the world’s richest athletes of 2016.

Kevin Durant: 80$ Million-


I don’t know how many of you love to watch Basketball, but I hope, this name has come to your ears at least for once in your life! Kevin Durant, who is a professional Basketball player, stands with a balance of 80$ million. This 29-year-old guy has created a milestone in the gaming history by achieving such a great remarkable success in basketball sport.

Lionel Messi: 180$ Million-


Among the world’s most popular and attractive players, the name of Lionel Messi always comes on the top list and he also has a great fan following from the whole world. Including breaking a lot of records in the football history Messi also has led the football team of Argentina and till today he is the only one who owns the FIFA Player of The Year award for five times. Besides the looks, skills, and fan following, Messi has also a great alternative weapon called money to make you his diehard fan.

Manny Pacquiao: 250$ Million-


Among the most successful boxers in the world, the name of Many Pacquiao is also unforgettable. This 37 years old rough and tough boxer has played 66 boxing matches in his lyfe till now and among them, he owns 58. Being a professional boxer he is also a politician now and has a great fan following and heartthrob bank balance to show off.

Lebron James: 300$ Million-


James is a professional American basketball played and played a lot of national and international matches in his sports career. Having a bank balance of 300$ Million really shocks his fans and that also makes him more confident to face the crowd around him. Owning a lot of international & national awards and making his basketball career very bright this guy is taking the fourth position of our list.

Phil Mickelson: 300$ Million-


Phil is one of the richest American golf players and has also won 42 events on the PGA tour. Owning lots of titles in his career this 46 years old famous man has a great bank balance which makes him remaining in the top list of richest athletes.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 310$ Million-


Besides the other games, football attracts the young stars most. And if you are also a football lover, then it doesn’t need me to describe you the name Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro! In an age of 31 years, that guy earned a lot of respect and awards by his professional football career. Messy is a highly known player from his national team Portugal and played for many international tournaments. Besides playing with his team, he also did the captaincy for Portugal in 2008.

Roger Federer: 320$ Million-


After many of the football and basketball players, here is a tennis player comes to rule! Roger is one of the most famous Swiss Tennis Star who is also ranked as a third top most tennis player in the world. Including lots of tennis titles and instinctive skills this man has a record to win 327 constructive matches.

Kobe Bryant: 365$ Million-


Again the name of a successful basketball player is here! Bryant who is an American Basketball player has an awesome career background around his 20 years of gaming career. Kobe was born in Australia and after making a frame by playing with much national and international level this 38 years old player make him remain in the 3rd position of the richest sports mans.

Floyd Mayweather: 400$ Million-


Among all the most successful boxers’ names, the name of Floyd always comes on the top list. This is really heart throbbing & appreciating that Floyd has a bank balance about 400$ Million. He won the position of becoming the world’s champion for five times and now he is retired.

Tiger Woods: 700$ Million-


At least, Tiger and his golf is the winner of this list. Woods who is an American golfer, have a bank balance of 700$ Million and that really makes many people say WOW! He is also one of the highest-paid athletes in the world and peoples are mad about his playing skills. Tiger is retired now, but still, there is no one to break his million dollar record.


Among the richest athletics, the top ten has been included here and the list defines an ascending order. Hope our team has found you the best available information in the world about your favorite players. You guys who love to read our blogs can cope with us for our upcoming blog posts and those will be as interesting as these stuff are.