Top 10 Terrifying And Scary Halloween Costumes

Halloween celebrated on the last day of November is the day children dress as supernatural beings and go from door to door trick or treating. There are costume parties for young adults as well. Many people face the confusion over picking up their Halloween costumes. The following is the list of the top ten scary Halloween costumes:

10. Mummified Zombie: Dressing up as Zombie or mummy is too mainstream. Once you combine both you get a scarier costume.


9. Werewolf: The werewolf can be real scary with proper makeup and accessories.


8. Scary Easter Bunny: Something as innocent and harmless as the bunny can be turned into a malicious looking creature by using proper tools.


7. Marie Antoinette: This headless costume can scare anyone.


6. Scary clown: One of the most commonly used costumes, can be really scary if worn correctly.


5. Baby Man: Another costume that will freak out anyone. You just need a few dolls to set up this look.


4. Mia (Evil dead): This one looks really scary with the proper amount of makeup.


3. Vampires: These have gained popularity over the past few years after the release of a series of books and movies.


2. Giggles, the clown creature reacher: Another clown costume that is even more terrifying.


1. Soul walker: This is quite easy to put up and will make you look horrifying.


‌Halloween is round the corner. Hurry up and Get your Halloween costume today and be prepared to scare your friends.