Top 10 Tips of Growing and Harvesting Cucamelons

For being healthy and fit, one of the most important parts is to manage a good healthy diet. Having fruits, vegetables included in daily diet gives great results. Not only in terms of energy but also these have a positive impact on the skin and vital organs. There are many fruits and vegetables available in the market, which is taken by people. Amongst some of the fruits which are apart from the traditional one is cucamelons. The name itself suggests its true meaning and that is, it is one which looks like small watermelons, but taste as a cucumber. One can rejoice the taste of tang cucumber. The best part about this fruit is it is very easy to grow and one can plant it in their own garden.

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1. The best time for preparation of seed is April and May



Apart from planting and preparing seed outside in the planting zone, it is better suggested that prepare these indoor in April and May. After its preparation place these, either each in one pot or in combinations in the pot. For further growth, these would be advised to place in a propagator at temperature 20°C.

2. Preparation of seed is even easy


One only has to find out the ripe fruit, cut them in between. With a good care take out the seeds, place them in water-filled a container for a week time. After you see the wetting of the seed, take them out and dry these. But, it should be taken care that these are dried in cool place.

3. Nothing to worry, if growth is slow


Most of us get a bit worried as the cucamelons gives a slow growth. After a stretch of 2-3 weeks, green shoots start germinating and visible growth appears. All this is because they take ample time for germination.

4. Can tolerate quite extreme of conditions


Here by extreme conditions, it is meant that if there is less water availability or excess cold, then even these would survive. The only thing needed is to water them properly at an early stage of establishment.

5. The perfect taste combination


Cucamelon Fruits Health Benefits is easily taken up by the customers as because of its great taste. A combination of lime and cucumber makes it distinct than others. First, there is lime taste, which gets mixed up with the cucumber flavor.

6. With so many benefits, some detriment is there too


If not given considerable care and left for growing on their own, then they are able enough to take over all your garden space. Actually, these have an overgrowing capacity at par and goes all over the available space.

7. Best part is its growth is lesser space consuming


Apart from the Health Benefits of Cucamelon Fruit, another advantage is it is less space consuming. The vines grow in closer proximities and thus the requisite of space becomes very less. One only needs to place a support as wire or something similar to that.

8. A natural profit is these are not attacked by the pests


Cucamelon benefits add one more to its list and that is it is pests resistant. Birds, insects never harm it. No such diseases are found in these plants, so one can simply seed them, let them grow in a controlled way and enjoy the tasty fruit.

9. The best time to harvest cucamelons


Simple but need good observation, while the size of fruit reaches as like grape, but remains firm is the perfect harvesting time for these tiny amazing fruit.

10. How to eat a cucamelon


There are many ways to eat them, either in salads, salsa, pickle or can toss with several other fruit and vegetables in olive oil. These are the culinary food of Mexican cuisine, but now are well adapted in several other parts of the world.
Conclusion- Try the hybrid fruit cucamelon and taste something different which is healthy and tasty.