Top 10 Traditional Spider Lashes Done Beautifully

Makeup gives a person a more appealing and complete look. For different occasions, distinct makeup styles are suited. Women especially take good care of their look and persona. They make it a point that whenever they step out from their house, they must be looking perfect. In the face, there are several features, which are needed to be highlighted as in accordance of the face and occasion. Especially eyes are very effective in making a person look attractive. These days spider lashes trend is in fashion. Most of the girls and ladies choose the spider lash look for their eyes. It is even quite an easy way to have this look. Here, in this blog, you would get to know the whole process step by step.

1. Get a nice mascara kit


The first and utmost important is to pick a good mascara brush and mascara of course along with. To get a good color and finishing these two are very important. One needs to take care of the quality of the brush and other accessories.

2. Clean up the eyes and pat dry


After placing your entire requisite makeup spider lashes mascara kit with you, go and clean the face with good clean up lotion or face wash. This helps in avoiding the messy look. The skin doesn’t get patches of makeup creams.

3. Lashes curling as desired


After the cleaning, simply take your lash curler and curl your lashes in a way you want your lashes to look. This process can be avoided, if you have already nice full grown and lifted lashes. But, if it is not the case, it is better suggested to use this step.

4. Leave lashes to get adjusted in the curled position


After the curling, don’t get hurried for next step. The whole process takes very less time, so in between; you can afford a gap to let your curls get adjusted in the curled form.

5. Brush the lashes smoothly


Use the soft brush to remove any fuss, tangling or any sort of undesired look. One has to take care that brush used must be soft and doesn’t hurt your lashes at all.

6. Pat your eye zone with face powder


This is recommended to enhance the durability of mascara on your eyes. One can do this step with primer also in place of powder. This is also great in making the mascara stick to the lashes.

7. Now start with application of mascara


With a smooth hand and slow stroke apply the very first coat. Make it a point that the coat looks defined and not gives a natural look. After this, leave it to dry and place powder again for better coating. Now, place the mascara second coat for a prominent look.

8. Come on to the lower lashes


For the time being the upper lashes dry, do the same process on your lower lashes too. Also, one can opt for slimmer and lighter look and for that use only a single layer.

9. Separate to their natural position


In the whole process, lashes get slicked to each other. But, for the spider look lashes, these needs to be separated well. One can use the mechanical pen for this step. Make sure that all the lashes are in their natural position.

10. Finish the look with simple touch up


In the whole process, it may happen that the curls become less evident. Here, the alert doesn’t use the curler after the complete steps. But, one can use the smooth touch of fingers. Place your fingers below the lashes and push them slowly upright and hold the position for 10 seconds. This would give a perfect finish to your great looking and attractive spider lashes.

Conclusion- Make your look edgy and distinct with little effort of applying make-up. The spider lash look is one different yet attractive make-up idea to enhance your beauty and presentation. Take the help of spider lashes images to get the perfect look.