Top 10 Ugliest and Rarest Creatures of the World

Nature has given numerous beautiful gifts to the mankind in the form of flowers, fruits, animals, birds and several others. But it’s also true that there are few animals added to nature which is one of the ugliest and weird living organisms on the earth. Below, we will be discussing the same for your reference.

01  Star Nosed Mole

world's ugliest creatures

These animals are scariest and one of its rare kind. Even their eyes are not visible and their face resembles the star shaped fish. Because of this reason, they are included under 10 world’s ugliest creatures. Their occurrences usually reported from eastern Canada and the north-eastern United States.

02  Aye-Aye

10 Most Ugliest Animals In The World

The Aye-Aye is the largest known nocturnal species of the world and a Madagascar native. The young animals are of silver color but as they grow and reach maturity, their color changes and become inconsistent throughout the body. They have rodents-like teeth and unusual fingers such as the thinnest third finger and the fourth longest one is being used for pulling out the bugs from trees.

03  Naked Mole Rat


It is the ugliest animal one can ever think of. The Naked Mole Rat has an extremely uncommon set of physical traits that alter it to prosper in the tough underground atmosphere. They lack sensitivity for pain in its skin and have terribly low metabolic and metabolism rates.

04  Tarsier


It’s one of the smallest and ugliest animals in the world. This species belongs to order Primates, a mammal usually seen in the South East Asian Islands along with other species of the family. Their eyes are remarkably big and we can’t say it beautiful.  Birds and snakes eater these animals possess long feet.

05 Blobfish


This aqueous species is very rare one and often found in the deep sea, usually in Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. The Blobfish because of its rarity and trawling from deep sea water,  may get included in endangered species by scientists. Its outer appearance is quite unappealing and this is the reason it has been included in Top 10 rarest and ugliest animals on our planet.

06 – Almiqui


Cuban Solenodon or Almiqui are insectivorous animals usually reported to seen in eastern mountains of Cuba. It’s quite a rare species and only 36 numbers of this species caught so far. They are not appealing anyway and With quite small eyes dark or brown hair, they give a bizarre look.

07  Warthog


Warthog belongs to pig family and included in wild animals section. Their bodies are covered with very small stiff hairs but look almost naked from the distance. Herbivorous in nature but often eat small animals.

08  Goblin Shark


This deep sea shark, Goblin Shark, is a rare one to have a glance of it. The fish is having a long and flat snout which resembles with a sword blade.

09 Sphynx Cat


The cat breed has been developed through a typical method of breeding called “selective breeding”. They can be easily recognised because of their furless body, unlike normal cat species. They can prove a good pet companion but its hairless body does not give a beautiful appearance.

10 Angora rabbit


Because of their furry appearance, only nose and mouth of this animal is visible and that’s why they are treated under 10 Most Ugliest Animals In The World.

Hopefully, the article may add some value to the animal lovers and also for the people interested in continuing the research on these rarely known species.

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