Top 10 Windshield Sun Shades for cars Reviews in 2016-2017

Some things may look out of place and may repel us from having the same. They may not suit the place and we would like to maintain the surrounding without them. However, when we look at their utility value, we will honestly realize that we cannot do away with them. One such high utility value thing is the wind shield used in cars. Windshields safeguard the seats from losing their colors and help us experience the chillness the air conditioner provides. Let us have a look at the top 10 Windshield sun shades for cars

10. Hello Kitty Front Sun Shade

Measuring approximately 49.5 inches to 27.5 inches, this Hello Kitty windshield is the favorite of young kids and girls who love this cartoon character. It is made of textile plastic and provides a fine finish.

9. Car Jumbo Windshield

The jumbo windshield is rightly named so since it solves the heat and radiation issues in bigger cars like the SUV and Vans. The support rings attached to the windshield offers perfect fitting. The unique design covers the window completely.

8. Outback Shades

For those car owners who are in dire need of windshields on the run, this is the best option. It is highly economical and is designed to cover the full surface of window glass. The windshield that measures 32 inches by 60 inches suits usage in SUV’s also.

7. Auto Expressions Max Reflector

The auto reflections Max Reflector is a simple design windshield that can be easily installed and removed by the users without needing any expert help. The folding design in which it is created makes it easy to store this windshield.

6. mAuto Car Windshield

mAuto windshield is a uniquely designed car window shade. Its design makes it a perfect model to filter the UV rays emitted from the sun in the best manner when compared to the other model windshields in the market.

5. Auto Expressions Basix Magic Shade

Auto Expressions Basix Magic Shade comes with a specially designed protection layer which safeguards the interior from getting affected with the UV rays. It is designed in such a manner to reflect away the heat waves that spread in the car even during peak summer season.

4. Plasticolor Star Wars Accordion Sunshade

This car windshield that displays the characters from Star Wars and is one of the most affordable windshields models available in the market today. The foldable design helps users during usage as well as while it kept away after usage.

3. mAuto Cross Eyes Windshield

mAuto Cross Eyes Windshield is designed in such a cheerful manner that children would love them instantly. The silver in the reverse side of this windshield offers high class protection.

2. X Shade Jumbo Winshield

X Shade Jumbo Winshield is a jumbo sized windshield specifically designed to be used in big sized cars like SUV and vans.

1. Gwogo Car Sunshade

One of the best windshield kit available in the market today, Gwogo Car Sunshade offer every user the best value for their money.

So these are the best sunshades available for your car out of which you can choose any one according to your requirement , Vehicle type and budget.