Top 10 wonders of world from ancient and modern world

1. Roman Baths


A traditional construction, which has been destroyed in the 6th century, but seeing its wonderful creation, it has been brought back in existence. The last constructive addition has been performed in the late 1800s. It is located in Somerset and has historical interest associated with this. A major tourist attraction, where now entry to the water is prohibited, but people can enjoy the museum and view of the bath too.

2. Chichen Itza


Chichen Itza has been located in now Mexico, previously known as north of Yucatan Peninsula. It has been created by the civilization of Maya in 400 AD. There is an interesting and astonishing belief story associated with this amazing creation. It has been considered that people give sacrifice from the top of this Chichen Itza to their God and if get survived then considered as seers.

3. Leaning Tower of Pisa


Leaning tower of Pisa is a tilting tower, which is bending to one side but without any destruction caused to it. Isn’t it surprising, but it is true. It has been built in 1173, August 14.

4. Taj Mahal of Agra


Taj Mahal is a tomb constructed by the Emperor of that time ancient India. The Mughal ruler has created this in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is the most attractive tourist spot in India and from general people to high esteemed celebrities has visited this tomb, a must entrant of the wonders of the world list.

5. The Great Wall of China


The Great Wall of China is another magnificent example of architecture. It was been built in 7th century BC. The prime objective of its construction was to protect the country China from Eurasian Steppe groups.

6. Machu Picchu


Machu Pichu has been a creation from the 15th century. The estate has been a representation of Inca civilization and has been believed that was built for the purpose of creating an estate for Pachacuti, an Inca emperor. It has been brought for the global acknowledgment in 1911 only by an American historian Hiram Bingham.

7. Great Pyramid of Giza


Pyramids are astonishing creation done by the ancient Egyptians. A completely astounding from the wonders list is the oldest and largest too from the complex of three Giza pyramids. The present construction is only the underlying core form, the outer covering of smooth casing stones are now not anymore. Few of the casing stones can be observed on the base of the pyramid.

8. “Valley of Love” – Lost Wonders of the World

“Valley of Love” – Lost Wonders of the World

Valley of Love has been believed to be constructed by a mystery race, which inhabited the place now present in Ireland. It is a one mile wide and same height as well. It has been estimated that it is even 3000 years older than that of Egyptian pyramids. It has now only one completely intact structure and that is Memorial of joy.

9. Colosseum


The Colosseum is located in the Rome city and its attraction quotient is its oval amphitheater structure. Its creation has been performed from AD 72 to AD 80. Its name has been derived from the family name of the three emperors involved in its creation Flavius. It is the largest amphitheater till this date.

10. Hanging Gardens of Babylon


It is an astonishing example of great architecture. It is the entrant of the seven wonders of ancient world. It is a wonder in its true sense as one can observe the peculiarities in its engineering, make and model. Located in Babylon and has been a pride for the country. The garden looks like a green mountain, which has been built with mud bricks.

Conclusion: The world has been full of amazing sites and creations, which comes on the must visit list. The above names are few of those, which has gained distinct spots in the world history for their exotic built, astonishing beauty, and rich history.