Top 10 World Famous Cigarette Brands In 2016 – 2017 – Most Popular

Here is the list of some world’s famous cigarette brands, go for it- While choosing a product or listing them in an archive, no one can ensure its ranking. Cigarettes are the emblem of maleness and style and their ranking also depends on various factors including popularity, market value, taste, etc. Even being baneful for the health, every cigarette smoker has its own choices and prefers to take suiting his taste.

1. Davidoff


Swiss brand cigarette, Davidoff tops the list of top 10 best cigarette brand list. One of the best cigarette brands in the world, it is available in Classic, Menthol, Slims and Mild flavor. The used rare tobacco produces unmatched flavor and rich aroma.

2. Cigaronne


Cigaronne is another one of the world’s famous cigarettes brands around the world and has colossal smokers. It comprises high-quality taste responsible for giving it an amazing taste and exhilarating smell. It is 120 mm long, a unique kind of property of which 64 mm is consumed by the filter part and remaining is for smoking.

3. Marlboro


One of the most popular cigarettes brand in the world was started for ladies are nowadays popular among men as well. Once known for the taste of feminine is included as a masculine brand and engaging youths for its advertising campaigns. Marlboro is seen many parts of the globe including India and USA as well. The brand valued cigarette offers a high quality of tobacco at an affordable cost.

4. Camel


Camel, one of the loved cigarette brands by the smokers. The beauty of the cigarette is its indulged tobacco unit. The varieties of used tobacco are Virginian and Turkish. The cigarette has been produced by the market leader R J Reynolds and it is recognized as one of the affordable and most selling cigarettes in the world. It comes in three flavors, Camel Silver, Camel Full Flavor and Camel Blue. It is ranked 4th in the list.

5. Kent


Kent cigarettes are produced by British American Tobacco Company. The producer releases their shag on work ethics as they cashed in the awareness regarding cancer diseases and thus fabricated filtered cigarettes causing less harm to the smokers. This made it hugely popular in the world, not only this reason; the fame consumed another imperative factor of low nicotine content in the product making it less hazardous for the health. It is also world’s famous cigarette brand.

6. Parliament


Again Philip Morris product is here. Parliament one of the top cigarettes brand loved by the smokers across the world. The hard and rich zest of the product is characterized to its recessed filter. As the cigarette contains low tar, it is considered to have fewer effects on the health of consumers. It comes in different flavors for the smokers.

7. Chesterfield


Chesterfield is another famous brand in the world and ranks 7th in the list. It is a product of Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company. It is another smoking product in the list that has been produced on work ethics by the company. It contains the fine quality of tobacco and its nicotine content is low and makes it health concerned product for smokers. Chesterfield has unmatched taste and quality.

8. Dunhill


Next in the list of top 10 world best cigarette brands, Dunhill comes in the 8th position. The quality cigarette is produced by British American Tobacco Company. Even after being a premium brand with a high price, the product continues to grow a great patronage for it and which makes it most purchasing cigarettes in the world. The cigarette is renowned for its taste which comes from the used Virginian tobacco.

9. Lucky Strike


9th in the list must not be taken feeble; it has huge numbers of the fan. The cigarette brand is popularly known as “Luckies” and is quite popular among females. The reasonable offered for it makes it one of most purchasing cigarettes in the world by ladies. Again made for a specific genre of smokers contains rich flavor, but a lower percentage of nicotine.

10. Newport


There is various positive reviews for the cigarette by its loved smokers. Slow burning enhances the taste and smokers can enjoy it for a long time. As stated by its distinguished consumers, the brand has unique flavor and aroma different from all other brands present in the world today. It costs just 7 dollars a pack in the US and equivalently in other parts of the world as well. It is ranked 1oth in the list. It is also in list of top cigarettes brands in the world.

This is the list of top 10 world famous brands of cigarette in the world and account for their various properties.

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