Top 10 World’s Most Famous Superheroes

Supernatural power possessing superheroes are the characters which are capable of doing the extraordinary things. A male character is called Superhero and the female one is known as the superheroine. Both of them use their powers to save humanity from several threats and protect people from crimes and criminals dedicatedly.

Children are the biggest fan of these heroes and love behaving like them. They adorably want to see those heroes climbing large buildings and fighting with the enemies. They believe that if the superheroes won’t be there, the world cannot exist.

Majorly Superhero coloring sheets attract the children very often. In this column or article, we are going to discuss 10 most popular heroic characters. The coloring pages of these characters are free and printable and also help kids in recognizing bad and good.

Top 10 Super Heroes


Top 10 Superheroes

One of the most famous comic characters developed by Marvel comics is Spider –Man. He got his powers because of the after effects of a spider attack and bite, in the form of immense speed and web weaving power as the spider.

He can create spider-like the web to climb on any surface with the use of his wrist. He can feel the danger quite earlier with his spider sense. After the spider biting incidence, he tried to use his abilities to pursue the career but later realized that he has got the power to help mankind and he immediately started doing the same and this has made him a role model for kids.


top 10 legendary superheroes

The strength and the power of Superman cannot be compared to any other. He is the man of steel with ultimate speed, nonchallenging strength and with flying ability. He possesses all the characteristics of humanity and integrity. He is one the top 10 legendary superheroes.

Superman can be best defined by his ethical attitude, selflessness and his concerned for doing right things. Kids get easily inspired with such traits in reality. He strongly follows the moral aspects of humanity which sometimes shows his weakness. But this character does not matter for the children and he is still having a big fan following among kids.


top 10 most popular superheroes


Amongst all superheroes, the Batman is the coolest one. The printable page of this superhero is quite interesting painting purpose. Kids enjoy the drawing and painting on the printable pages of this superhero. His relentless pursuit to eliminate the rampaging criminal activities in Gotham city has earned him the tag of ‘Caped Crusader’, very dear to people.

He never compromised with crime and criminal with keeping his morale on a higher side. This is the only reason, kids like him and made him their ideal.


most powerful superheroes of all time

This superhero’s appearance can be recognized by the thunderstorm, lightening and roaring sound. He is having enchanted hammer which shows magical properties. He can even control the lightning and also order them to behave according to his desires. His outstanding strength is often outshone solely by his belief in humanity. His qualities like modesty, honor, and decency make him the best. Just because of such characters, both adults and kids are impressed with him. He is one of the most powerful superheroes of all time.

Hal Jordan


This character of superhero, Hal Jordan, is the most attention-grabbing coloring pages. He is also known with another codename, Green Lantern as well as known in the name of Parallax and the Spectre.

This superhero’s all powers lies in his ring and helps him fighting with the villains. As Green Lantern, Hal took charge of the galaxy and created a mission to the area.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

The superwoman called wonder women is blessed with the weapons like Lasso of Truth, a pair of an indestructible bracelet, a tiara, a character created by William Moulton Marston. She is also known as Princess Diana.

Captain America

best marvel superheroes

He was initially introduced as a patriotic soldier for fighting with World War 2 powers. His charismatic leadership character and dedicated to doing the right things has made him Captain America. He is one the best marvel superheroes.


top 10 strongest superheroes

Hulk, look wise a monster, a superhero specializes in biology, engineering, nuclear physics and physiology. He is actually a Bruce Banner who transforms into hulk to fight with the villains. He is one of the top 10 strongest superheroes in the world. 

Iron Man

top 10 most coolest superheroes

Tony Stark, the Iron Man, protects the planet without disclosing his identity. He is actually a rich man and professionally an engineer. His captors asked him to make a mass destruction weapon in spite he made a suit armor which helps him to free himself.

The Flash


Out of all these, the fastest one is known as The Flash. His actions can be as faster than the speed of light.

His reflecting power, speed is as fast as he is able to violate the light related law of physics. All these specialties proved him best among all the superheroes. Help your kids coloring this hero’s sheet with red and golden