Top 5 Best Car Alarm & Security Systems of 2017

Over the years, the trend of car security devices and alarms has been prevalent on a large scale basis. The people who love their cars will understand the value of any gadget that could shield their possession and give them peace of mind. A general notion prevails here – if you have a car security system attached to your vehicle, you need not worry.

In major automobile markets, there are millions of cars stolen every year and the numbers wouldn’t stop until the range of car security systems and other alarmed based security are available in every part of the world. All thanks to the rapid advancements in the field of science and technology, these systems now offer a wide range of conveniences like smartphone connectivity and remote access function.

So, if you are keen on adding a good security system to the car, here is a list of the best devices that will boost the security.

5706V 2-Way Car Security

The Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security is a wonderful piece of car security and remote control technology. It has a range of up to one mile. The device can be used to monitor and command your vehicle with simple and dedicated buttons. However, the best thing about this product is, despite having just five buttons on it, you can control 24 different functions of up to two cars. For security, if anything happens to your car and if you are within the one-mile range, you will be notified with the Revenger siren tone.

Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2-Way Security

The Python 5706P Responder has all the basic components that would cover the security of your car. It offers a hassle free operation while it is in operation in your vehicle. The communication at a distance is great and will offer you thequality that many original products won’t. It has an inbuilt shock sensor and you can also adjust the sensitivity of the device with a knob on the remote. It comes with multiple input support for the additional use of sensors like proximity and tilt sensor.

AVITAL 5303L Security

The AVITAL 5303L Security can also be used as a remote start/stop device. On the screen of the remote, you will have display of features like lock, start, arm or disarm and trunk release along with their current status. With this device, you can lock the car without any physical contact. The alarm fitted in the device will absorb the false siren emitted by minor impacts with the help of impact sensor control. If your vehicle is being messed with (even slight tamper), the transmitters will notify and the alarms will begin to work.

Crimestopper SP-302 SecurityPlus

Crimestopper SP-302 SecurityPlus is a two-way car security system. The connectivity range is up to one kilometer. Apart from security, it even has trunk release feature and keyless entry. The unit is built with dual stage shock sensors along with 120 dB (decibel) sensors and a starter killer output. The beeping sound is almost annoying, hence you just cannot miss the alarm.

Pyle PWD701 4-Button Remote Door Lock Vehicle Security System

The Pyle PWD701 4-Button Remote system promises to offer you all of the features that you might be needing from a modern day security system. The unit has a couple of four button transmitters, dual stage impact detectors and an anti-carjack function. The alarm system has 120 dB siren which car alert you and also scare the robber. Moreover, it can even beep so that you can find your car amidst a crowded garage or parking lot.

Summing up

Gone are the days when burglary and car theft could scare you to your soul. Car safety technology is on a prime time now and theft has been diminishing albeit gradually.

However, there are still some car security alarms that lack proper impact sensitivity monitor. More often than not, the alarms start its siren even if there is a minor impact on the car like someone just brushing along your car while walking.  These unnecessary sirens are often used by the criminals to distract the attention of the people while some other crimes are being committed.

That said, the security systems listed here could be considered to be the best in the lot.

Source: Autoportal