Top 5 Best Christmas Cakes To Buy in The World

Christmas is round the corner and it is time for grand festivities to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated all over the world with great fanfare and enthusiasm. From Santa Claus with gifts for children to the Christmas tree to the cooked Turkey for Christmas dinner, this is the time for the entire family and friends to gather and celebrate. A Christmas party can never be complete without the delicious Christmas cake which is in fact the most essential component of the Christmas evening. These are the top 5 best Christmas cakes in the world.

1. Iceland Luxury Christmas Cake – £7.50 (Approx)

Iceland Luxury Christmas Cake

This cake has a weight of 1 kg and is from Iceland. The cake is made using a layer of marzipan, light icing and also contains a good amount of brandy and cognac. The cake is given a look that is appropriate for a festival. The grand appearance of the cake also imparts a pricier look to it. The cake can serve around 16 people and is priced at around seven pounds.

2. Hummingbird Bakery Christmas Red Velvet Cake – £31.95 (Approx)

Hummingbird Bakery Christmas Red Velvet Cake

This cake is made by Hummingbird Bakery and is a perfect festive cake with its red velvet look. The cake is very delicious due to the lashings of cream cheese frosting used in it along with the three-layered crimson sponge. Two candy canes are used for decoration. This cake is a blend of exquisite taste and fabulous look. The cake has been priced at 31 pounds by the bakery.

3. Meg Rivers Festival Wreath Cake – £25 (Approx)


Meg Rivers has come out with a beautiful and decorative piece of cake called Festival Wreath. The cake has been flooded with dried cranberries, almonds, Brazil nuts, pecans and glace cherries which give an appearance resembling jewels. The cake is not only a sight to behold but is also a treat for the tastebuds with its crunchy texture consisting of apricots, crystallized pineapple, vine fruits and a little amount of French brandy to top things off. The cake weighs 2kg and can easily serve upto 20 people.

4. Tesco Finest Falling Holly Fruit Cake – £6.66 (Approx)

Tesco Finest Falling Holly Fruit Cake

This is an innovative and luxurious cake by Tesco. The cake consists of two layers of pure fruit cake which have been incorporated with the right amounts of cognac and brandy. Glacier cherries also feature in the cake. The cake has been expertly covered with crisp white marzipan. A design of falling leaves on the cake enhances the decorative look and makes it the perfect Christmas cake. The cake has been priced at 20 pounds.

5. Meg Rivers Classic fully iced Christmas Cake – £49 (Approx)

Meg Rivers Classic fully iced Christmas Cake

This cake is generously packed with fruits and nuts and is fully iced. The icing just melts in the mouth while the creamy, butter rich and moist sponge titillates the tongue. The layer of marzipan provides an almond sweetness to the cake. French brandy has also been used in the cake.

These were some of the best cakes that have been designed and prepared by experts who are well versed in the art of making the perfect cakes.