Top 7 Best Laptop Cooling Pads Features and Reviews with price

As most of the laptop users will be aware, even the technology savvy ultra notebooks run hot on your lap if they are used regularly. The best mechanism to avoid heating of your laptop is to use a cooling pad which provides a rigid surface for your laptop to rest upon. The high powered fans tend to increase the airflow at the same time. Here are the top 7 best laptop cooling pads in the market.

1. Thermaltake massive TM – $ 39.99

Thermaltake massive TM

It is right up there in terms of features, The maximum amount of control is provided over the cooling pads. The dual 120mm fans can be adjusted automatically or manually to provide the most effective form of cooling

  • Powerful fans to cool your laptop
  • The cooling pad takes you into an automated cooling mode

2. Cool master notepad X- slim – $19.59

Cool master notepad X- slim

It is recommended for all those who seek a low profile cooling pad and it is ideal for a laptop which is 17 inches or less.

  • It is classy , light in weight and you can carry it easily
  • Full design metal fresh design for superior airflow
  • Powered by a USB port extender

3. Havit HV F- 2056 – $ 19.55

Havit HV F- 2056

It is functional, stylish and it is light ,which is barely an inch thick. The cooler is known to possess two adjustable height settings and there are three 110mm fans and as a matter of fact are not the most silent.

  • The simple device makes it a handy device for travel
  • It is durable, portable and a high performance cooling pad
  • Light in weight

4. Opolar LC05 – $ 25.99

Opolar LC05

It is an awesome tool which can go on to replace or supplement the cooling pad of your laptop. Traditionally the cooling pad increases the amount of air into the laptop, but this cooling pad tends to use a cooling pad to pull out the hot air through the vents

  • Tends to reduce surface along with internal temperature in a matter of seconds.
  • Two way installation
  • Designed for laptops that have a two way ventilation

 5. Tree New Bee – $ 17.99

Tree New Bee

It offers portability, style and the proficient amount of cooling at cost effective prices. In fact, the power of the top and the bottom section can be controlled with the help of a control wheel. The fan compensates for more than this with awesome features like a USP fort along with anti-skid arms.

  • Is quite and ensures an efficient air flow
  • Has excellent cooling performance along with features
  • Cooler has flexible usable features.

6. Cooler Master notepal – $ 27.19

Cooler Master notepal

It stands apart from the crowd with its coolable fans which provide more cooling with fewer resources. There are two moveable 80mm fans that help it to determine the target hotspots on your computer. So the fans are provided to cover as much area as the three full-size fans without too much weight and noise.

  • Classy X design which is slim and easy to carry
  • There is a silent 80 mm fan which ensures a great cooling performance
  • For better USB cable management cable grooves there

7. Merkury Innovations Notepal – $ 10.54

Merkury Innovations Notepal

It is an appealing fan stand and one of the least expensive ones in the market. There are two settings that tends to reduce the strain on your eyes and the mechanism of cool is powerful in itself.

  • Wide range of adjustments for better control and comfort
  • Not as bulky as the other pads
  • It comes at a cheap price

 To conclude these are some of the best performing cooling pads in the market. The price range is the general bracket , but if you are lucky you can strike a good bargain in the process.