Top Ten Best Food Processor Brands in 2018

Modern user researchers wide range of brands to choose the best mini food processor that can meet their food preparation and cooking needs, according to features and functions. There are different types of food processors. Some food processors are countertop models while some go up to a range of cook top which can fit well in the kitchen with small space.

Most brands offer food processors in different styles to meet your specific cooking needs. Convenience and ease of use are the major factors to keep in mind when looking for the best food processor. These appliances also vary by grinding and chopping strength and some models are fast with higher wattage. Choosing the best food processor brand depends on the past experiences of customers. In this post, we are going to discuss the top and best-selling food processor brands in 2018.


At No.1 is the household name in top quality kitchen appliances, Cuisinart, which is trusted by millions of housewives and cooks for years. It offers handy mini models of food processors for chopping ingredients like a pro. Since 1971, Cuisinart offers world-class electric and non-electric food processors to the US market. Over the years, Cuisinart has expanded the diversity of products across the world.


It is another leading home and kitchen appliance brand which offers world-class food processors with the latest technology. Owned by Whirlpool Corporation, KitchenAid is another American brand which produces modern appliances. Incorporated in 1919, KitchenAid is now offering a range of food processors and appliances to serve tens of millions of Americans. Started from the very bottom, KitchenAid’s mixers and processors have become the best staple in many kitchens.

Hamilton Beach

Food processors from Hamilton Beach brand are engineered with robust motors to cut prep time as these appliances can pure, shred, chop and slice virtually anything you throw on the bowl. The food processors from this brand are versatile, fast and user-friendly that can incorporate your smart ideas. These food processors have large feed tubes to slice different vegetables and fruits. It has dishwasher-safe parts and in-bowl blades so they are easy to clean and use.


Oster is a leading kitchen appliances brand offers food processors that are designed to last and provide legendary performance. These hand blenders and food processors have powerful motor to perform several functions like mixing, chopping, blending, slicing, pureeing, whisking, shredding, and mashing.

These appliances have ergonomically designed handle which is detachable and these devices have variable speed controls and Turbo functions to provide great blending performance.


Philips includes a smart range of high-performance food processors which come with a compact design which make it simple prepare delicious and healthy homemade meals. These appliances are engineered to give you absolute freedom with a stress-free operation and can save you a lot of time. Philips offers a huge range of food processors, hand blenders, juicers and mixers with warranty.

Black & Decker

The food processors from Black & Decker have all the powers to get the job done. You can slice, shred, chop, puree, blend and grate all your favorite foods with a stress-free operation and it can do more than just blending and food processing. It has 6-cup blending jar and 10-cup work bowl to prepare delicious recipes.


Hobart is known to be a leading and reputed brand which offers the widest range of food processors designed to streamline stressful and tedious cooking processes. A lot of households and cooks spend most of their time for just preparing foods.

Panasonic Corporation

Food processors from this brand are designed to speed up the preparation time and to free up your hands to do other tasks. It is the kitchen appliance brand which completes different tasks like slicing and dicing, pureeing and chopping etc.

Kenwood Corporation

Kenwood Corporation is the brand which has earned the faith of a lot of cooks worldwide with invaluable quality and meticulous design. They use nothing but the best materials to produce well-integrated appliances you can rely on.


It is a leading and well-respected brand which offers food processors that are user-friendly that makes cooking a breeze. No matter how complex the recipe is, you can easily prepare the ingredients within minutes.

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