7 Best Gimbal Stabilizers for Professional Photographers

Either you are a professional photographer, or even it’s your hobby if you are giving too much of your efforts to make it a premium photography or videoing then a proper gimbal stabilizer is always your best friend. People who are deeply in love with this profession of ultimate photography then a great gimbal stabilizer always makes their ways easier to capture the best part they ever dream of. Casually we find a lot of variations while going to buy a gimbal stabilizer, but finding all the necessary features, designing, accessibility, compatibility and the user friendliness not become possible at the point of time. It’s always better to do a decent research before you go to the market, and in that case, those people who have no any tight budget issues, but willing to get the best, for them, we can recommend a lot of options.

Our team has enlisted best of the 7 gimbal stabilizers for GoPro, which are rocking the market of 2017. If you are also a buyer this year, then this listing is perfect for you.

1. Feiyu WG Lite Single Axis Wearable Gimbal Stabilizer:

Starting the list in an ascending order purely qualifies the Feiyu WG Lite Single Axis Wearable to give it a start. This is one of the top versatile options for the consumers which they can have at a very reasonable price. People who carry their gimbal stabilizer will never fell annoying with its impact. This compact stabilizer fits properly in your hand, handbags or backpacks, and it’s so comfortable that while ongoing you can easily shoot a video. It’s compatible with the maximum of the GoPro Hero camera options so that the comfort ability is also cool.

2. Fotodiox Freeflight Moto 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer:

Fotodiox Freeflight Moto looks like a smart hammer; this is cool in look and highly comfortable in terms of using. Besides the stunning designing the Fotodiox Freeflight Moto has also 3 axis system which easily enhances your capability to shoot a professional quality video. It has a very high-quality battery system and interface, and the user-friendliness is also up to mark that you can control it with quality detailing. In terms of price, those who will love its features, they won’t annoy with the price. It’s affordable.

3. Zhiyun Z-One Pro 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer:

Zhiyun Z-One Pro 3 Axis Handheld is one of the most preferred gimbal stabilizers these days. This has a premium designing offering a black color body with silver lining and the compactness of Zhiyun Z-One Pro 3 is also good. It’s genuinely having the 3 Axis function and also having a construction of the aluminum body. It simply fits in your bags and it’s user-friendly for the new users.  

4. Neewer Feiyu G4- 3-Axis Handheld Steady Gimbal GoPro Stabilizer:

Providing a great stability, the Neewer Feiyu G4 also gives you a ton of accessories. It has also the 3-Axos function like the previous models, and its designing is like the early stabilizer models, but such an old designing has also been compacted with pretty impressing self-balancing, and light weight, and great adjustments. Overall it’s sturdy and good with the features. The price of Newer Feiyu G4 is also cool to buy for the seekers.

5. Feiyu G3 Ultra 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer:

Among all the GoPro gimbal options this is also an impressive one. The Feiyu G3 Ultra is one of the most updated options which have been successfully streaming in the market. It has lots of stunning features like USB cable charging, long life battery, light weight, quality self-balancing and adjusting, GoPro stabilizer, the 3-Axis function and etc. Like the other stabilizers, Feiyu G3 Ultra also uses the inbuilt battery packs and it’s also affordable for the willing consumers. This is also pretty small that you can easily carry it in your handbag.

6. Polaroid Handheld:

One of the best options among this top 7 list! Comparing it qualities, features, compatibility and comfort level we enlisted this option in second of our list. Polaroid Handheld offers you the high-quality 3-axis module, supreme level of GoPro camera compatibility, and a premium feeling while handling it for your ultimate using and making the total work successful. Polaroid Handheld has a high-quality self-balancing system, which never annoys you and its premium level of features always give you hundreds of options to detail your creativity.

7. Ikan FLY-X3-GO:

Comparing with the other toppers, the Polaroid Handheld and Ikan FLY-X3-GO are undoubtedly the choices for professionals. Ikan FLY-X3-GO is a high-featured gimbal stabilizer, which allows you to shoot videos and pictures with high time detailing and maintaining the ultimate range of professionalism. It has 3-Axis module and the flexibility what Ikan FLY-X3-GO offers is highly impressing. Better controls, compact and lightweight and the best part is it’s compatible with all GoPro modules. All makes Ikan FLY-X3-GO the top option to be with.


All the above-mentioned gimbal stabilizers are the top picks of 2017 and all the products are available online. People who want to buy any of these gimbal stabilizers must cross check their features and have a proper demo of the product before considering it for buying.