Vladimir Putin Biography and Net Worth

About Vladimir Putin:

The man respectively regarded as “Vladimir Putin” is the honorable President of Russian Federation, and also very much interconnected with lots of international political activities. The full name of Putin is “Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin”, and he is holding the position of Russian President since 2012, May 7th.

Putin was also a Prime Minister of Russia during the year 1999 to 2000 and after this session, when he again won the President election of 2000 to 2008 he again ruled the country for eight years. In the middle of 2008 to 2012, the man again won the respective position to be the Prime Minister of Russia and after the completion of his Prime Ministry session, he is again leading the country as a President. After graduating from a topmost German law school Putin started to lead the KGB Foreign Intelligence as an Officer for 16 years and that pushed his political career to a far better grade. Vladimir is considered as one of the strongest leaders in the world.

Childhood & Personal life:

Vladimir was born in the year 1952 October, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The first wife of Putin was Lyudmila Putina, and they both have a happy marriage life since 1983-2014. It also has been informed that Putin is now dating Wendi Deng. But these are gradually rumors. A lot of world political critics claimed that during his political career, Putin developed the mainstream economy, and country power very much and that creates a great influence for the big time in the heart of Russia.

Vladimir Putin Net Worth- $70 Billion

Vladimir has also regarded as the world’s richest president. So he is not only a general politician but owns a lot which is far than the greatest businessmen. Putin has a net worth about $70 Billion.

After all the influence of Putin is a lively example of success which teaches us never to stop in life to approach your limits and sky is the limit. He will remain always in the nation’s heart as well as overseas.