World Most Top 10 Amazing Places on The Earth

Earth is a beautiful place to live. The extent of beauty permeating in the nook and corners of Mother Earth is mind boggling. Travelling to beautiful places that make our heart forget beating for a few seconds. Let us have a look at the 10 most amazing places on Earth spread across continents in an astounding manner

10. Iceland

Amazing Place of Island

Sky is the focal point of attraction in Iceland. The various bright colours exhibited by the Arctic sky are a mesmerizing piece of magic that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

9. Machu Picchu

beautiful palce on the earth

Rightly eligible to be one of the seven wonder of the world Machu Pichu is not just a representation of the Inca civilization, but one of amazingly mesmerizing places in the world.

8. Temples of Bagan

Beautiful Place on earth

Anyone visiting the Temple of Bagan is sure to wonder if the temple architecture adds to the beauty of the place or the landscape around makes this place really beautiful. The environment is absolutely serene and permeates positive energy all around

7. Railay in Thailand

amazing place in thailand

Railay lies in Thai Peninsula. The place is full of Limestone Cliffs and cave systems which are enthralling. The bunch of nearby islands that are visible offer a great site for non-swimmers and a pleasant swimming opportunity for the swimmer

6. Rainbow Mountains

rainbow mountains in china

The Zhangye Danxia region of China has what is called the Rainbow Mountains which display array bright colors caused due to erosion and weathering. These sandstone mountains react with the minerals found in the same changing the colours of the sand into different colours

5. The Great Barrier Reef

most beautiful place on earth

Considered as one of the largest coral reef system in the world, this beautiful sea space is located in Australia in the coast of Queensland. It offers a great view for non scuba divers and an excellent destination for tourists who enjoy scuba diving

4. Ball Pyramid


Basically the remains of a volcano that existed approximately 7 million years ago the 562 meters tall mountains is the tallest sea stack in the world. It is located in Howe Island found in the Pacific Ocean

3. Ice Canyon

most amazing ice canyon of Greenland

Carved by the melting water, Ice Canyon in Greenland offers the most mesmerizing view to onlookers who never fail to get stunned at the very look of it. The canyon is 150 feet deep accommodating melting of more ice.

2. Tunnel of Love

beautiful amazing place in the world

Located in the region named Kleven in Ukraine, basically this place is an old train track. The abandoned train track has been surrounded by many plants and creepers making it a tunnel. It gets its name from the fact that this is meeting point for many local couples

1. Wisteria Tunnel

great Amazing Place

Located in Kitakyushu, Japan, Wisteria Tunnel is created by the blooming flowers hanging above the head in a bent position. Each row is of different coloured flowers making the spectacle a real feast to eyes.

Visit these exotic places on earth and enjoy the beauty of nature at its best. These places teach us silently the brighter side of life we are yet to venture into.