World’s Ever Best Top Ten Zoologist in the World

Animals have always been the closest friend of the human being. The researches carried out in due course of time by various famous Zoological scientists revealed the association of animals and human being on the basis of facts collected from fossils or from the leftover of extinct civilizations or from the mysterious cave and wall paintings remains shows that man and animals association is in existence since 28000BC. Although the animals like mammoths, serpents, cats, dogs, lizards, fishes, vultures and other types evolved a lot with time and become much more visible and significant in comparison to their ancestors. The evolutionary stages of these animals are obvious in the prehistoric impressions of engraved paintings collected from Spanish, Mayan and Egyptians remains. Since prehistoric time, Indian culture believes in worshipping animals and has given them a sacred and holy place as God. Several other civilizations followed the same trend of worshipping like cats have given a religious place in Egyptian temples.

Keeping in view regarding the importance of fauna (animals) for mankind and the historical evidence with respect to their association leads the scientists to form a specific area of science called Zoology. Various famous scientists documented quite well, the facts for this ancient science. But the need of further researches still there for the clear nomenclature of few organisms, which are not classified yet in any group not in plants neither in animals like yeasts. The people works on zoological aspects called zoologists. History of Animals, the book written by author Aristotle in 350 BC formally categorized the animals under the new area of science called Zoology. Enjoy this top 10 most famous Zoologists collection.

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1. Dame Jane Morris Goodall

Famous Zoologists

She is one of the famous zoologists in the world. Dame Jane is well known Climatologist, Ethologist and Anthropologist and a UN messenger of peace, best known for her work on Chimpanzees. After working for almost 45 years on Chimpanzees she founded the Jane Goodall Institute. She closely observed the behavior, emotions and later concludes that not only the human possess these properties, the animal also feels and express their feeling in a similar way. She later worked on animal conservation and social welfare projects.

2. Stephen Robert Irwin

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologist

An Australian scientist and wildlife hunter, Stephen Robert Irwin, has got fame from the TV show “The crocodile Hunter”. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 44 in 2006 but till his last breath, he dedicatedly worked for animals especially on crocodiles. His programming and documentary films are still a great source of information regarding crocodiles for further research. This famous zoologist got 2nd position in this collection.

3. Alfred Russel Wallace

zoologist in the world

Alfred Russel works for evolution through natural selection has created a milestone for modern biology. He documented his works well through the books for his followers or for the coming generation. This Great Britain scientist was not only a simple zoologist or naturalist but was a great explorer, geographer, and anthropologist, known much better for his theory of evolution inspired by Charles Darwin. He wrote several books, few of them are:

Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection

4. Dian Fossey 

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologist

It’s a proven historical belief that the Americans have contributed most for wildlife and are famous Zoologists. Dian Fossey is one of them who got recognition through the Study and conservation of the mountain gorilla. She spends most of the time with Gorillas on the mountain and in the thick forest of Rwanda. She wrote her book “Gorillas in the Mist” in 1983 which also covers her personal story. She founded Karisoke Research Center in 1967, the naming based on the name of a mountain Karisimbi.

5. Charles Darwin

top 10 best zoologist in the world

This famous zoologist theory of evolution is a must for the science student. “Origin of Species” published in 1859 with evidence related to evolution through natural selection and not via transmutation of species, the earlier concept of evolution. This book has become the base “evolutionary biology”. He was of British origin and born in a wealthy Doctors family of Robert Darwin. He penned his experiments in several books like Insectivorous Plants, The Effects of Cross and Self fertilization in the Vegetable Kingdom, The Power of Movement in Plants, The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms etc.

6. James Henry Fleming

Famous Zoologists

Famous zoologist James Henry Fleming was born on July 5, 1872, in Canada. He was keen to know about birds since his childhood. He was connected to Royal Canadian Institute as an associate member and also the fellow at American Ornithologists’ Union (AOU). His specific studies on birds called “Ornithology” are known all over the world. He collected almost 32000 specimens and the sample of bird species during his life. Later his collection has become the part of Royal Ontario Museum

7. Frederick William Frohawk

zoologist in the world

A famous zoologist and author of Books “Natural History of British Butterflies (1914), The Complete Book of British Butterflies (1934) and Varieties of British Butterflies (1938)” reveal his clear interest in the study of Butterflies. These books can be seen in the Natural History Museum in London. He wrote few books on birds also named” The Birds of the Sandwich Islands” and “Birds of the British Isles”

8. Archie Carr III

top 10 famous zoologist

Archie Carr is well known for his contribution to a sea turtle, bringing the attention of the world towards their declining number due to loss of safe habitat. He worked with the University of Florida as a professor of Zoology. He was awarded the chance to work with Alan Rabbinate, A Biological expert from America. He was also the founder of Cockscomb wildlife Sanctuary in Belize

9. Richard Dawkins

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologist

Richard Dawkins has first introduced himself and later recognized by the scientific world after his book The Selfish Gene published in 1976. His work on ethology and biology got proper attention after this book. In another book, “The Extended Phenotype” which explains the phenotypic effect of genes differently. Later in 2006, Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (RDFRS), a non-profit organization started by him.

10. David Attenborough

top 10 best zoologist in the world

Another name in the top list of famous zoologist is of David Attenborough. He is regarded as one of the most talented and regarded zoologists in the world. He has a very keen eye for nature and its inhabitants. His interest towards the zoology has guarded him to achieve a valuable and appreciable success and name. He is not only a true nature lover but also encourages people to do the same. His dedication and involvement could be understood by going through the books penned down by him. He has done the survey of the entire world in terms of living organisms inhabiting the globe and well presented in his books. His work has led them the honor of getting his studies programmed in the Life series with the association of Natural History Unit of BBC.

Only the 10 names out of several have been described above. The number of zoologists and their contribution to the society cannot be pen down easily. Studies on animals by famous Zoologists is being carried away since long and still it is not confirmed that how much left for further studies. Zoology is a widely spread subject covering the animals not even visible through naked eyes and as larger as Whale. Each and every scientist worked hard to contribute his part for the society but only a few of them made history and their work made the life easier for next generation. The studies and experiences about the diverse life forms help the people to know the world in a better way and for those who has the interest in the zoology, the work was done by the scientist acts as a guide.

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