World’s Most Expensive Top 10 Best Makeup Brands

Women and makeup can’t stand apart; they are fond of each other and blush when they come together. Makeup is the indeed requirement of women and they can’t survive without it or rather I would say that women not having a makeup look incomplete. Women are treated as an emblem of beauty, gorgeousness, style, attraction, pretty, etc. Makeup brings zeal inside ladies and girls to get prepare for going out and letting them appreciated. Makeup is not only useful in the sense of magnificent and charming look but also produces desirable effects on the body of women. There are different kinds of makeup specially made for various body parts, such pedicure is for legs and manicure is for hands and cheek has various beauty enhancing creams and lotions. It also improves the self-confidence of women. There various world class makeup brands that come to serve the ladies with its outstanding and awesome products. But, these brands are supposedly looking expensive and out of reach for middle-class people and thus impair the dreams of every girl, lady, and women who find them unaffordable. Actually, these brands designed their products according to the affordability of people and they know exactly a lady can spend how much on her makeup requirements. I am providing you the details of world’s most expensive makeup brands collected from all over the world.

Here is the list of World’s Most Expensive Top Ten Makeup Brands

1. Olay


Olay is not only on the top of our list, but also is the top-most name in the global cosmetic industry. It has worth of $11.7 billion and most likely to rise in nearest future. If you calculate the annual revenue collection of the company, no surprisingly it would be estimated $79 billion. The brand has a celebrity value and used by stars like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Rowland. The leading company has produced some high-quality line of makeup and skincare.

2. L’Oréal


The brand is listed on the second position in our list, but gives a tough fight to other world’s leading and gross making revenue makeup brands. L’Oreal produces widespread quantities of cosmetic and makeup products. The France led cosmetic company makes a brand value of $8.69 billion. Although it is behind many lavish cosmetics around the globe including Maybelline NY, Softsheen, and Garnier. It is the brand of cosmetic products that earns most revenue, i.e.$28.8 billion

3. Nivea


The brand is recognized at a worldwide level and everyone is aware of the products that it launches in the market. It has some popular skin and body care products. The brand is under the administration of Beiersdorf, a German company established in 1882 by Carl Paul Beiersd. During early 1930’s, Beiersdorf started manufacturing of facial toners, shaving creams and tanning oils and this lead to the expansion of the brand and grabbed a strong holding in the worldly cosmetic market. It is on the third position in our list world’s most expensive top ten makeup brands. The star cosmetic company has produced every category of cosmetics from high-end to low-end. It has wide varieties and numbers of products and its recent income figure goes up to $8.3 billion which is enough to know the brand is highly exclusive and luxurious.

4. Neutrogena


American Company Neutrogena is a global brand with the presence in over 70 countries and it depicts its brand value as well. It has got the fourth position in our list of world’s most expensive top ten makeup brands and its exclusive products producing it positive end revenue of $6.9 billion. Neutrogena has governed the expensive and luxurious cosmetic business for years and decades. The brand produces some of the best anti-wrinkle creams and moisturizers all over the world. The brand has been valuable for an entire list of celebrities including Gabrielle Union, Vanessa Hudgens, Diane Lane, Katherine McPhee and Jennifer Garner.

5. Lancôme


Here is again French cosmetic name in our list. Lancôme is a French cosmetic company with its worldly presence. Established in 1935 by Armand Petitjean, presently it is one of the luxurious and expensive skin care, fragrance cosmetics and makeup brand in the world. It is on the fifth position in our list of world’s most expensive top ten makeup brands. The cosmetic brand has produced many deluxe cosmetics like Visionnaire (innovative skin corrector) and Genifique eye (a triggering eye concentrate). However, these products themselves contain the cost of $139 and $62 correspondingly. They will no wonder if they are put on the list of most luxurious cosmetics in the world. It has been preferred by celebrities like Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, and Julia Roberts.

6. Christian Dior


French, French and French, the country has been the manufacturer of many leading cosmetic brands including Christian Dior an absolute top cosmetic brand all over the world. It was established as a style house by Christian Dior in 1946 but quickly changed in the one of the most expensive cosmetic products all over the world. It is in the sixth position in our world’s most expensive top ten makeup brands. The brand is being utilized by various celebrities like Jessica Alba, Denise Richards, and Kristen Bell. The cosmetic company has popular product Diorshow mascara, very much popular in styling and fashion world.

7. Bioré


Biore is one of the most anticipated and luxurious cosmetic brands in the market. Presently, the worth of the leading cosmetic company claims a product value of $3.4 billion. It is ranked on the seventh position in our list of world’s most expensive top ten makeup brands. Previously, the brand has originated from Japan and recognized for creating the best and most special skin tone clearing, deep cleansing lotion and make-up vanishing products. Many popular branded cosmetics comprise steam initiated cleanser, deep scrubbing pore shreds, pore-unblocking scrub, marks handling astringent and acne clearance. Having an extensive variety of best quality restorative items Biore captivates high total assets buyers like Emilia Clarke and Shay Mitchell and Emily Rossum.

8. Estee Lauder


Estee Launder is undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers, producers and dealers of skincare, makeup, hair care and fragrance products. These branded products are easily available all over the world in 150 countries. It is ranked on the eighth position in our list of world’s most expensive top ten makeup brands. It has a worldwide license of producing and selling fragrances and cosmetic products with the brand name. It branded products includes Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Coach and Tom Ford. The absolute and most dependable buyers of this brand are surely understood celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Hurley, and Carolyn Murphy, now one can without much of a stretch comprehend the eliteness and top notch insurance of the brand items.

9. Dove


Dove although one of the most popular and buyable brands in the world has been spotted on the ninth position in our list of world’s most expensive top ten makeup brands. The brand is especially the well known brand of cosmetic in the present market today. Dove has conveyed brand estimation of $4.2 billion in 2013. The brand is as of late controlled by Unilever, the greatest and quite extended buyer merchandise partnerships in everywhere throughout the world. The brand has effortlessly figured out how to neglect the makeup exchange with arrangements around to billions every year. The beauty care products of Dove are accessible in more than 35 nations in everywhere throughout the world. Dove items have incorporated a portion of the best body washes, creams or lotions, face consideration and hair care items.

10. Avon


The brand has been placed in the tenth position in our list of world’s most expensive top ten makeup brands, but it does not mean it is not worthy enough for use. The brand has its own customer base and market presence. Avon was established by David H, McConnell in 1886. The branded company has exceptional producing profit of $10 billion line. Afterward, it dispatched annual sales cost up to $10.7 billion. These

Cosmetics are the key requirements for ladies in each edge of the world. These elite and costly brands have particularly high caliber and supportive for ladies to look best and lovely. Before you for any alternate makeup decision, once try these brands, of course, these are expensive and you may feel it unaffordable, but these are really significant for maintaining the health of your skin. Never compromise with the texture of the longest and most soft part of the body. Without skin, you body will never gain fame of recognition for you.

Once you start accepting and buying an expensive product like makeup, you get into a habit of it as they are really worthy and cost-effective. Choose the righteous and cost-effective part of any commodity rather than thinking about the price, you may lose a nice cosmetic product. Enlarge your makeup wardrobe with the leading cosmetic brands in the world. It’s high time to chase down these commodities in your nearest market.

Do you like the delicate part of most expensive makeup brand and the relevant information about them? So what are you waiting for? Go and grab them.