World’s Most Richest Athletes Of All Time

Top 10 Richest & Highest Paid Athletes in The World Ever

There are different kinds of sports played around the world and every game has its own stars and audiences. But, there are few stars that don’t top the list of admiration but also tops the list being the richest sportspersons of the year. Here is the list of top ten richest sportspersons in the world in 2016. All of them are from different games.

1. Michael Jordan  Net Worth:  $1.1 billion

The basketball player tops the list of the richest athlete in 2016 with $1.1 billion net worth. Michael Jordan was born in NY and raised in North Carolina and today is the greatest player of basketball of all time. Being on is no more surprising as he has earned enough accomplishments. He is the richest sportsman in the world in 2016.

2. Tiger Woods – $700 Million

Tiger Woods, I think the name is enough for an introduction. Although the athlete is this time placed here for good reasons, i.e. $700 Million. He raised the bars of Golf around the world and made his presence felt remarkable.

3. Floyd Mayweather– $400 Million

In the list of richest athletes in the world, Floyd Mayweather is on number third. With  the net worth of  $400 Million, he is acknowledged as one of the richest boxers as well. He has a remarkable career with numbers of wins.

4. Roger Federer– $320 Million

Roger Federer  being one of the greatest tennis players is also one of the richest players in 2016.  He leads the list at number four position. With numbers of Glam Slams wins in the career, he has the net worth of $320 Million.

5. Lionel Messi– $310 Million

If you love football, you can’t avoid loving Lionel Messi. The soccer star has numbers of fan followings around the world, but the star is here for some other reasons. He is apart from being finest a player of football is also one of the richest athletes. His net worth in 2016 is $310, Million.

6. Manny Pacquiao – $250 Million

Manny Pacquiao is a boxing champion and one of the richest sportspersons in 2016 as well. He leads at sixth position in the list with  net worth of $250 Million. He has endorsed super brands like Nike, Footlocker, Wonderful Pistashios, and Nestle’s Butterfinger.  He might become President of the Philippines later on.

7. Phil Mickelson – $180 Million

Phil Mickelson is a popular and famous Golfer and known for his left-hand shots. But, here I am showing the sports star has something different as well. He heads the list with $180 Million. The Golfer is immensely rich as well. He has won PGA Tour, 3 Masters Titles, 5 Major Championships, etc.

8. Kevin Durant – $80 Million

Kevin Durant is one of the richest Basketball Players around the world in 2016. With the net worth of $80 Million, he heads the list at number eight position. He is referred as the “Scoring Sensation” by John Hollinger. He stands 6 feet, 9 inches tall and plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

9. Venus Williams- Net Worth $75 Million

Venus Williams although has not made her presence felt in tennis since a long time, but she has made it possible to be in the list of top ten rich athletes around the world in 2016. The total worth of 21 Glam Slams winner is$75  Million.

10. Caroline Wozniacki Net Worth: $20 Million

She may in the bottom of the list of richest athletes in 2016; Caroline Wozniacki is sixth highest paid female athlete this year.

Conclusion- This blog is all for the rich information about the wealth of different athletes. These sportspersons apart from being wealthy are also for winning their specific game titles.  This list contains the details of top ten richest athletes in 2016.