World’s Top 10 Weirdest Diseases Known to Mankind

Most of the common and biggest diseases have their treatments including AIDS and cancer, but there are some unknown, rarest and weirdest diseases still present around us across the globe and affecting people. These unheard diseases are affecting individuals and yes their symptoms are chronic as well. Few of these diseases or diseased persons are lucky to have their treatments present, but many are on the opposite front and have to bear the curse. But, the fact about the treatments are similar to the diseases, they are hidden and most likely not to be found everywhere. In this blog, you would come to know about world’s top 10 Weirdest And Rarest Diseases Known To Mankind.

1. Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome-

world’s top 10 Weirdest And Rarest Diseases Known To Mankind

This is on the top of our list. Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome is one of the rarest diseases in which the patients lose their sense of taste, develop intestinal polyps with extensive nail growth and hair loss problem. The fatality added with the diseases is the occurrence of Malabsorption means the disease is harder to get treated. CCS grows in older people especially of group whose age being 59, but they are not typically genetic. In last 50 years, only 400 cases have been unearthed primarily in Japan.

2. Parry-Romberg Syndrome-

world’s top 10 weirdest diseases known to mankind

This is in the second position in our list of world’s top 10 weirdest diseases known to mankind. This is again a weird documentation about the disease that doctors don’t know how Parry-Romberg Syndrome attacks its patients. Most likely, the disease arrives before the age of 20. Its symptoms comprise skin and soft tissues beginning to shrink on the one side of the face. This leads to an uneven appearance for the patient.

3. Lamprey Disease-

strangest diseases

This is at the third position on the list of weirdest known disease to mankind. This was one of the deadliest diseases causing humans to die. Although, later it was said that this was only a prank in the form of email hoax on those who would be specifically occupied by the notion of a body part being replaced by the mouth of a Lamprey. Thank the god, it was a rumor.

4. Lymphatic Filariasis-

most strangest diseases

This occupies the fourth position in our list. The disease is also termed as elephantiasis and caused by a parasitic worm. Initially, the disease had no symptoms, but with the time, there develops mammoth swelling in body parts like arms, genitals or legs. Skin gets thicker and pain may occur.

5. Cotard’s Delusion-

top 10 rarest diseases

It is an exceptional mental disease in the patient has the illusion of being himself dead. Some people bothered, although feel themselves be fully immortal. Schizophrenia is seen to be common in these disease affected persons too. Treatments include pharmacological drugs, however, hem dialysis found to be effective against all symptoms.

6. Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis-

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Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis is better called as tree man illness, the rarest and genetic kind of. Persons get unusual, red-brown macules on the face, body and neck. Sadly, there is no successful treatment for the disease till today. Although, there are suggested treatment and excision used to the best of them.

7. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva-


This is at the 7th position. The disease is also known as Stone Man Syndrome. The rare form of the disease is found inside connective tissues of the body and thought to be occurring due to mutation of the body’s repair mechanism. Unfortunately, makes the tissue regrow as a bone after getting damaged. Patients are gradually captured by the skeleton within their bodies.

8. Polydactylism


The 8th position occupied by Polydactylism. The disease in which extra fingers or toes appear on the body and it is considered as one of the most common diseases since the evolution of mankind. It is expected that Polydactylism affects one out of every 500 children. A surgical operation is an only available treatment.

9. Argyria-


On the ninth position, Argyria disease is there. It is caused due to much exposure of silver compounds to the body. The symptom seen is turning of skin into blue or a bluish-grey color. Large body areas get affected by the disease, but some of them can be localized for instance patches of the skin. A laser treatment would be effective; however some death cases have been seen.

10. Proteus Syndrome-


This is the 10th one listed as world’s weirdest diseases known. The disease is also referred as Wiedemann Syndrome and causes the unusual development of bones within the body of humans. Tumors grow to every affected body parts. Teams of Australian doctors have tested a drug to help victims to fight against Proteus Syndrome which is also an effective treatment for the disease. Proteus Syndrome, otherwise known as Wiedemann Syndrome, causes skin overgrowth and atypical bone development within the human body. Tumors tend to cover the majority of the body of those afflicted. Teams of doctors in Australia have tested a drug to help patients affected by Proteus Syndrome, which has been found to be an effective treatment option.

The above-mentioned diseases can be fatal if not taken care properly. There may not be the treatment for some of them, but with proper care lives can be saved.